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salut, mon ami

I went to read my old diary entries yesterday. The damn nostalgic ones, from 2000-2004. I.e. when we were in secondary school.

And I decided that it is definitely much better to have a photo album of memories than a diary.

I was such an IMBECILE back then! And I talked like a Chow Ah Lian! With bells on! I added a “z” to everything and used Chinese sentence structure! Ohmygawd. I so do not believe that that was the way I talked back then. So Embarassing. So Toot. And yet, those were the happiest days of my life.

I think we all dress up our memories to be that much more glam when we look back. If not for the diary, I’d have vehemently denied in good faith that I ever spoke like a Chow Ah Lian. Thank God I’ve come to my senses, and now speak Bimbolingo. HAHAHA.

Improvement, wot.

In other news, Thanksgiving dinner tonight was quite awesome, sans the screaming home entertainment system aka my 2- and 4-year-old nephews. It was hilarious but extremely noisy. Naturally my “I want to have kids” meter went further into the negative nether regions.

I spent most of my time cuddling Pebble, my cousin’s dog. He is so ADORABLE!! He didn’t want to go home and sat at my feet whilst my cousin-in-law tugged at the leash, prompting him to tease his son with a “Can Pebble stay with Zhezhe tonight?” Hahahaha. Dogs are awesome. Can’t wait to buy a Papillon puppy when I’ve got the money!


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only impossibly, baby

Exams have been over for 3 days and GOD I am feeling HAPPY.

The HAPPY has not worn off yet. It’s so nice to be able to watch Project Runway without glancing nervously at the clock and constantly calculating how much time I can spend on a break.

I have done a few interesting things over the past few days!

1. I have gone hunting for a monokini. Singapore is sold out of monokinis. I cannot believe it. Jolin zen-ly said, “Aiyah, monokinis just not popular with Singaporeans lah.” I sadly concur. I am monokini-less and am refusing point blank to remove any cover I have over my bikini in Bali!

2. I have tried to use eye glue! You know, to make fake double eyelids. It works, fascinatingly. But it doesn’t stay up for more than an hour. That is the pathetic part. I have also tried eye tape. That works much better – stays up for a day or so. But I don’t find that my eyes look very much bigger, which was the whole point of the enterprise for me. As such, I think I will turn to Bobbi Brown instead for gel liner that will make my eyes look HUGE. What? I’m being too ambitious you say? Those slits I call eyes are not going to open up except with surgery? Finefine. The liner will make my eyes look LESS SMALL. There. Happy now?

3. I had tea with Mommy at Cova. The salmon and spinach quiche is TO DIE FOR.

4. I bought two firsts: a pair of PINK Steve Madden sandals (I decided I agree with Jolin that my wardrobe needs a little more colour), and a vest from Mango. I have been looking for a vest that does not make me look like a fat waitress since forever, and I finally found it! woohoo!

I want more SHOPPINGS. Unfortch I need more MONAYYYS! Hahahahaha.
Bu ke yi luan hua qian. Nodnod.


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i love this to bits.

Kenneth Cole for Victoria’s Secret.

Okay yes this is the last thing I should be doing with my exam 9h away.
(But this only takes 5min.)

Fine. Back to work.

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two more days to the end of hell

I don’t remember the last time I watched this much TV during an exam season. Actually, I don’t usually watch TV, exams or no.

I think the only time I’ve watched more TV was during the PSLE. Hahahahahhaha. I discovered Cartoon Network at a comparatively late age.

I can’t wait to go to Bali and snuggle up to Sherlock Holmes and the Pickwick Files. Whoopeeeeee.

Meanwhile, there is a mosquito prancing around my study room and sucking my blood AGAIN. I’ve put on an aromatherapy burner. Suffocate on citronella bitchhhhhh

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murder, she wrote

At first I thought IP was going to be quite a slack 8 cred.


It’s not.

Rarrrrr! 5 more days!

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Immediately after surgery


10 days after surgery


9 months after surgery

The change is really quite amazing!!! Maybe I should pay a trip to Woffles Wu too. I swear my eye looks exactly like hers did before surgery!

(Picture credits: Soompi forums; user: Heyyy)

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The Bad News: Longchamp can’t repair my bag. :(

The Good News: I get a one-for-one exchange!

I did like that design though. Hopefully they have something similar. :)

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the good, the bad, and the sleepy.

I could kiss my professor. He just changed the format of the exam from closed-book to open book. THANK GOD! Now I won’t have to memorise Hart Fuller Eliot Sen blah! It’s hard enough trying to relate all the material to what he’s talking about in class!

On a less happy note, I didn’t get my top 4 subjects for sub reg. BLARGH. That means I have to deal with add-drop next sem. I got my SEVENTH choice leh. I cannot get over it. SEVENTH choice omg. And it’s not like it was my 4th choice that was skipped either. It was my THIRD choice, which we’re supposed to have priority for!

Meh. Should have put Biomed as my third choice instead of second choice. WASTED.

Randomly, I can still feel the aftereffects of the Wine Co lunch I had with P and Mr Mercedes. I think there’s MSG in there. Blechhh.

I am very sleepy now. Zzzzz. I’ve been swilling Coke Light by the barrel but the caffeine doesn’t seem to be kicking in. Barrrrrhhhhhhhhh.

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ip is evil.




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Okay. The new mouse is a tad heavier than i anticipated.




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