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I wonder why Lady Bikes are called Lady Bikes.
If a lady rode that everyday she’d be sure to get thunder thighs.
Which is not the point of riding a bicycle; the point of riding a bicycle is to get those slim svelte thighs that the OSIM iBike (bloody Apple Spoof) promises you.

Hence I have decided to take my ancient mountain bike which was bought at the startling price of $70 (yes $70 bought a very basic mountain bike back then; inflation, wot?) back to the shop to get the chain and seat changed the bike stand fixed. 

Probably not tomorrow though, I have a ton of things to do. Like kaopeh the Apple people about why I’m taking my Macbook to the service centre for the 5th time in 2 weeks after the hard disk was replaced. Poo.

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flames to dust.

I am sick and tired of having to reassure myself that everything’s going to be alright, of steeling my mind to not think about useless things, of being mature, of gritting my teeth when I’m angry, of the benefit of doubt, and of presenting a smiling face to the world everyday.


I would like to be a screaming wailing baby for a little while, so
just. Go. AWAY.

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paddle pop yay.

I am going to get a bicycle.
One of those cute things with a huge basket in front to put shopping in, or alternatively, where my dog can sit since I dunno how to balance with him running alongside. he’s too old to keep up with a bicycle anyway.

Randomly: This is where to get the moste excellente durians and durian puffs/mousse/cakes (basically it depends on what the owner felt like making that day):
41 Telok Kurau Road. 
The shop doesn’t have a signboard. It’s next to this JK Don place with a yellow signboard and looks like a disreputable little durian store. I’m not sure if the address is correct, basically just go down Telok Kurau until you see JK Don/stacks of durians lah! It’s near East Shore Hospital if I’m not mistaken. They open only at night, fyi.

It beats Goodwood’s durian confectionery flat, so please go and try. :D No preservatives summore!

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you make me smile, please stay for a while.

All sorts of little things irritate me these days.

Thank God for the people who put a smile on my face. :)

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spinning around.

It’s true that mindless muscular activity brings on a sharper state of mind.
But it only lasts as long as the activity lasts. My brain shuts down after.
I did, however, realise something important today while swimming.

My world’s the right way up again. :)

I bought Karen Millen loafers today. They are yummy.

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midnight thoughts.

Talking to Caits makes me feel like I’m actually sane.
Even though I’m being driven mad by work and personal life blahblah.
Not that work is really all that stressful, it’s just draining.
And the fact that my weight is stagnating does not make things happier.
I need another Japan trip to R&R and lose weight. :p 

I also need taxi drivers who are less know-it-all and self-righteous about them and their ideas.
They make my blood pressure increase. Which is probably a good thing, since according to Ms Doctor-to-Be, I’m suffering from LBP.

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a summary of findings.

Pilates are yay. :)
Taitais, on the other hand, are not yay. Who goes for Pilates classes fully made up man?!

Ettu Sais Zero Pore compact is a LIE.

Ginger Snaps are only 53 calories per biscuit.

Risse has gorgeous NineWest shoes.

Tokyo Chicken Stew has got to be the best soup ever created by the Soup Spoon. :D


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sticks and stones.

This is one of those nights that I just want to stone at a wall and not sleep.

Grrrr. All you annoying thoughts, please go away.

On a happier note, I start Pilates tomorrow. That’s something to look forward to. :D
Maybe after a year or so I’ll look like Wong Li Lin. (Hur hur.) 

Tell me I’m only dreaming.

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Standing in void decks at wee hours of night always gives me the urge to shout random things in hokkien. Hahahahaha. I is evil.
Caitlin’s expression was priceless when I told her, “Eh, let’s shout ‘Ki lai ah! Tee khng liao!! *insert rooster noise*”
:D :D :D

Friday nights with Caits and Brudder are love. :)
Completely agenda-less and super random with lots of walk, talk, food and shopping.

Yay. I love my friends!


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pepper lunch.

I jawdropped at two pieces of news today.

The sheer hypocrisy!!! And the unfairness of it all! It makes my blood boil.

Anyway, yes, life goes on.
And I have no regrets :)

I feel like saying something very cheem and thought-provoking and poignant but I think that would be very ostentatious. Wahahaha. Actually I’m just too shag to think of anything adequate.

And to all those who understood, thank you. :)

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