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with a cherry on top.

1. All things considered, I think I have an awesome PM. His awesomeness was reinforced when he bothered to ask me at 11.30pm (after my door access and hence toilet access ended) if I needed to use the washroom. And after that he told me to cab home and claim from the firm. I am very grateful for such awesomeness.

2. Other things considered, my workload has hit new highs this week. I like to think that this means my efficiency has hit new highs too. Barharhar. But actually it just means my need for facials and chocolate have hit new highs. Sigh. I am, however, proud of the fact that I managed to get through 34 out of the stack of 41 affidavits for that gigantic case!!

3. The two shelves of files I was sorting for transfer IS DONE. Thank goodness for interns. And for Ben. Couldn’t have done it without them. I feel like I can finally breathe freely again.

4. No weekend AGAIN this week. I would really like one. Please. Please pretty please. How about next week?

5. Something truly terrible happened yesterday to someone I love dearly. Dear God, please watch over her and her family in this trying time.

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lunch is too short.

Lunch today was good. Friends are awesome. We need to see more of each other. Seriously. I miss you guys. SO MUCH. Why can’t we all be in the same firm! We’d make such a brilliant team. Barharhar.


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Back to the grind tomorrow.

Dare I say, I’m actually looking forward to it? :x

The gathering today was awesome. Thank you everyone who came! :) Especially to JB who came early to help set up. And to C for getting the Yusheng.

We should do another one next week just to finish the leftover ingredients. LOL.

I would like to always remember this yusheng moment:

Me: “Let’s shout more Hokkien things leh!”
PY: “Huat ar!”
Me: “Ho seh ah!”
S: “Wah lao eh!” (throws yusheng)
S: “Wah piang eh!” (throws yusheng)
S: “Lao bu ah!” (throws yusheng)
S: “Lao peh ah!” (throws yusheng)

Other things that were hot on the yusheng shouting menu:

“Retention please!”
“No long hours please!”
“Go home by 6 please!”
“Girlfriend please! (the chinese version thereof)”

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i am sad.

N and S have left. L leaves in two days.

I MEES YEWWWWWW! Both of yews!

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bitchy pitchy.

I have such a bad headache right now. But I’ve finally got the timings right for Pig’s wedding song. Now if I could only fix the pitch problems. ARGH.

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and i owe it all to you.

LL’s msn status reads “THE DECEMBER OF MY LIFE!” and I cannot agree more. Freedom tastes so sweet because you know you aren’t going to have this luxury of rubber time for a good many months to come.

To just sit around in ECP waiting for friends for 3h just because you can is pure LUXURY. So is gorging ourselves on steak sandwiches at the Morton’s bar. Sigh. I don’t want December to end!

I haven’t blogged about my birthday, I know. I had some very pleasant surprises and am totally zen about the less pleasant aspects. I’m very touched to have such awesome friends and family. I love you people. Mwaaaaah.

My mosquito bites are really shitting itchy. Mopiko is a lie.

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makes. no. sense.

The Board-That-Must-Not-Be-Named’s exams are just =.= 100%.

Ugh. Crim Proc did not go as well as I hoped.

I know I said I’d nap and wake up at 8 to start work (hello FY). The plan failed. Instead I have eaten dinner, youtubed and loaded Gossip Girl.

Lunch with friends was GOOD. A trip down normalcy lane in this exam madness.

Kill me pleaseeee. I was convulsively strangling myself after the Crim Proc exam. Please don’t let me fail. And my upper register isn’t back yet. WHY WHY WHY!!! What if I’ve lost it for good???

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