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“You know arh, last time, Mommy and Auntie very hiao one leh!”

On my way home today I saw a taxi waiting outside a neighbour’s house “on call”. At 12.07am.

Totally brings me back to those crazy Year 1 days when C and I would decide to go clubbing on short notice because we felt depressed. HAHA.

What were we thinking, really!! Makes for a good story to tell our kids though. Grins.

KTV today was a freakin concert. Standard too high already. HAHAHA.


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the beginning of the end

With the submission of FOS today, I’m two exams away from the end of law school, and I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad. :( It’s not a work that I would say is representative of what I’m capable of, and I think it can be improved, but it’s definitely better than what I submitted for the mid-term (very little can trump that awful piece of work, really).

In the course of submitting my paper, I saw some law interviewees freaking out about their interviews, and was wondering why I’ve never seen them around till Year 4! Quite apt though, that I conclude the end of the teaching semester with a humbling reminder as to how this whole journey began. This makes me want to sing Elton John’s Circle of Life. Hahaha!


FY, Sharms, Jolin and I marked the end of Reading Week with dinner at Cedele! The food was ok, but the service was AWFUL. Seriously. Like FY said, “there is a reason why Sun with Moon (next door) got queue but Cedele doesn’t have.” OMG. It was great destressing with them nonetheless! Despite this sem being the most jialat of all 8 sems in terms of workload, I feel like I’ve actually chillaxed a lot more, in the sense that I’ve had SO many dinners with friends this semester – I think I averaged at least 1 a week, come to think of it! I didn’t understand the seeming slackness of the seniors last year, but I get it now. This last sem of school just feels so precious that you want to make the very most of it, to concentrate all the great things there are about academia – the stressing, the shopping, the dinners, the friendships, the mugging, the hilarity, the heart-to-heart conversations, even the shared feeling of impending doom – into these final four months. I’m going to miss law school so, so much!


As I got to Orchard much earlier than the other three, I had a FABULOUS time testing all the different concealers in CK Tang and Takashimaya! Tres bimbotic, I know, but I think I earned that little sojourn into mindlessness after five days of endless FOS. After trying all sorts of brands, I finally settled on (surprise surprise) the Kanebo Lunasol Under Eyes Base. I’ve used it once so far (today) and it’s quite brilliant. Hopefully my opinion of it will not change!

To save concealer-hunters the trouble of going through the testing (and because I’m not in a mood to study right now), I shall provide a summary of my findings. Grins.

Concealer reviews

Dior Skinflash: N/A
The salesgirl informed a chagrined me that the Skinflash pen was not a concealer, merely a highlighter. It really provides ZERO coverage. But it seems like quite a great highlighter!

Shu Uemura’s Mark Cealer: 1/5
This was the most disappointing of the lot. Given the rave reviews about it, I expected much more. It provides very little coverage – no more than plain foundation, even though (a) I don’t make it a point to pack in the foundation under the eyes, and (b) the foundation I use is classified as sheer-medium coverage. The lack of coverage is even more amazing because the concealer was applied for me by one of their makeup artists! It also has a weird watery texture that makes the pigment sink into fine lines and look cakey once the fluid dries.

Clarins Instant Light: 2/5
The smell of this product is awful. It’s strong and it’s awful. I cannot abide smelly things. Otherwise, the texture is fine, and the pen applicator is quite easy to use.

Lancome’s Effacernes: 2/5
It has an oily looking finish, and the colour doesn’t match well with my skin tone. It makes me look like I’ve applied eye medication or something. Shudders. The coverage is as bad as Shu Uemura’s Mark Cealer, but the good thing about it is that it doesn’t look cakey.

Chanel’s Eclat Lumiere: 4/5
This would have been my brand of choice if not for the price. It costs S$54 off the counter!!!  And from the reviews on MakeUpAlley, it doesn’t last very long – about a month on average. I can’t shell out $54 per month on concealer. That’s MAD. If you have money to burn, though, it’s everything you want in a concealer. It sits well, doesn’t look cakey, has a good consistency, blends well, has coverage full enough to conceal my dark eye circles, contains light-reflecting particles for a brightening effect, and comes in a handy pen applicator (although I find pen applicators to be quite unhygienic, actually).

Kanebo Lunasol Under Eyes Base: 5/5
I saved the best for last. Grins. It’s as good as Chanel’s Eclat Lumiere, with all the good properties ascribed to it above – without the hefty price tag. Doe foot applicator concealers like this one usually last twice as long as the click pen concealers, and it only costs S$46! Why pay more when you can have the same for less, right? Another advantage of this concealer is that it comes in five or six shades – more likelihood of a closer match to your skin tone. Chanel only had 2 shades at the CK Tang counter.

I really wanted to try Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Luminous Skin Wand, but it appears they’ve pulled out of the Singapore market! I traipsed all the way to Paragon just to try this one out – I felt it worth the walk even in my not-so-comfortable heels because it had won the InStyle 2009 award (which only celebrates the big brands, so RBR winning it must mean it’s really something). But sadly, when I reached my destination, Customer Service informed me that “Rouge Bunny Rouge don’t have already!”. Dammit. I heard the airport counter closed too. The only other place I’ve seen it is in Bugis, and I’m betting that one’s kaput as well.


Today was generally an excellent day, minus the frantic footnoting and rephrasing that consumed the better part of it. Friends, I love you. :)


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0.75 down?

Today we had our “30% of 25%” mediation assessment. LOL. It went alright. Aloy did find some fault with all of us, but I think we more or less skated by. No glaring mistakes like overstepping mandate, so major phew!

With this, about 75% of mediation is (finally) done with, and I’m so relieved. :) Now all I have is Final Journal and 4 annotations to go!

Thinking back, I really did put quite a lot of effort into Mediation. Especially the written assignment omg. I’ll be quite disappointed if I don’t get a good grade. Sigh.

But as Mom likes to tell me, obsessing about grades is pointless. Do your best and let God do the rest! :)


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sing to me a song of the stars

1. Caitlin just made my night!

2. I should be able to finish this Mediation pangsai by tonight!!!

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am getting worried.

My wrist is starting to twinge when I type. It’s been hurting for the past 6 days now.
I think I’d better go see a doctor tomorrow. Don’t really want a repeat of the time when I tore ligaments during TKD, ignored it till 6 months later and as a result took twice the amount of time to heal!!

Plus, the twinging interferes with my train of thought. As such, this journal is progressing at snail’s pace. Rarrr.

In other news, mediation practical went okay, I think. Not fabulously, but at least A didn’t have anything negative to say, which is always a good thing. :) WJ was really great to work with! Which was quite a pleasant surprise, cuz I don’t usually work well with guys. HAHA. Really hope we get a good grade!


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how time flies.

Collegiate Dinner was yesterday.

Dean Tan gave us (very sound) advice about working life, and it really hit home the point that we were LEAVING ACADEMIA FOR GOOD, and going out into the BIG BAD WORLD to fend for ourselves.

I felt quite sad at that point in time, and on the way back from Crystal Jade supper, I remarked, “I feel very sad. We won’t have any more of these nights after we start work.” And although my friends assured me that we would, I somehow feel that things will never again look as bright and happy as the present.

I hate the feeling of closing doors, even though I know new ones open. It feels to me like we close doors faster than we open them.

But enough of this melancholy talk! Collegiate was fun, with awesome performances by my batchmates, and surprisingly nice food! Most important, of course, was the fantastic company. :)

I think I must mention that the unthinkable happened: I won that Dim Sum Dolly award. =.=
My prize was a dim sum long(2). HAHAHA. That was quite hilarious. I was so shocked that I couldn’t move at first. I really (a) was hoping for a nice relaxing evening, especially after having been on edge the whole day about the Mediation practical (b) was convinced Raffli would win, (c) didn’t think they would ask me to sing (especially after eating! What if I burped into the mic omg?!), and have been so stressed that I actually haven’t sung for the past week, (d) was just thinking of going to get another round of potato salad when they announced my name. ;p

But anyway it all went well! I managed to take photos with Profs Arun and Ng-Loy and WMS! I’m really going to miss all my profs. Arun told me the card I gave him was still on his table, and I felt so touched when he said that. And NWL actually remembers Jolin and I! Even though we didn’t say a word in IP! These profs have awesome memories. Caits and I were quite sad TTH wasn’t there though. We’d have loved a picture with him!

I guess at the end of it all, all I can say is: Thank you, everyone, for making law school such a joy these past 4 years. :)


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I discovered a few things over the past few days.

1. I remind AT of Selena Tan, which is why he voted me as Most Likely to Become a Dim Sum Dolly. Despite Caitlin’s assurances, I’m not sure this is a good thing.

2. Many people don’t know what a Dim Sum Dolly is or how it reflects upon the nominees, of which I am unfortunately one (in case you haven’t guessed by now). Neither do I!!! Let me recount to you a conversation I had with H.
H: What exactly does being a Dim Sum Dolly say about you as a person?
Me: Uh. That I’m fat and wear too much makeup??

Bah. I would really like to be invisible at Collegiate Dinner.

3. There are quite a lot of whiners in law school.
I recount two conversations. I’m happy to say neither X nor Y are from my year.

Conversation 1:
X: I have like 4 papers due on the same day!
Me: OMG why did you do that to yourself?
X: I didn’t do it to myself – the administration did it to me!
What I didn’t say: Uh. Didn’t you pick your subjects. Not like the admin picked it out for you right? Seriously.

Conversation 2:
Y: As [Module A]’s take-home exam is in the middle of the 2 weeks we’re given to complete [Module B]’s take-home assignment, we would like to move [Module A]’s take-home assignment. Can we get your names at the end of class in our petition?
Me: Hi, sorry, how about those of us who can’t move the examination date?!!
Y: Oh, well, because it’s not really fair to us – we’re at a disadvantage cuz the others who don’t have this module can go back and edit their paper and stuff.
Me: I took [Module B] last year, and if it helps, it can be finished within a week.
Y: (still looking unhappy)
Tutor: Okay, if it’s just the few of you, why don’t u apply for an extension then? (Thank God for sensible tutors)
What I didn’t say: Hello. You had weeks, nay, MONTHS, to go through your subject allocation. It’s your responsibility to find out if the dates clash. And if they do because you were funning around in the hols instead of doing your due diligence, SUCK IT UP. You should have been more careful in module selection. It’s not like it’s a head-on clash anyway. Heck I did my [Module B]’s assignment in 1 week precisely because I had a similar clash – that I was completely aware of right from the start because I asked the tutor. If you can’t be responsible about your own choices, don’t expect people to move mountains for you.

What really irritated me about Y was that he/she just assumed the rest of us twenty-something people who DIDN’T take Module B would be fine with moving the exam date. I mean seriously, did he/she even consider that the rest of us might have planned our take-home schedules around what was promised to us in the published exam schedule?! Noooo, he/she went right ahead and assumed that we’d all sign his/her precious petition.
Makes my blood boil.

Even when in Year 3, when my IPEC exam was delayed by THREE FRIGGING WEEKS due to some cockup and messed up my entire already-tight schedule, I didn’t try to move a whole frickin exam for the whole frickin class! I asked for a personal extension (Which I didn’t get, because the prof told me in no uncertain terms to – yes u guessed it – SUCK IT UP).

So forgive me if I’m not in the least bit sympathetic to these whiners, because quite frankly, it’s YOUR damn responsibility if you screwed up your timetable. Stop making things inconvenient for the majority of us who were actually diligent about checking the take-home exam dates!!


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