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I know I have lunch plans for tomorrow.

But I cannot remember with whom these plans were made.

Rachel, you fail.

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I think this should go down for the record.

I found out recently (a week or so ago?) that some people have drawn erroneous conclusions after reading certain posts on this blog. By erroneous conclusions, I mean they think that I was referring to someone that I wasn’t referring to at all.

So, umm, if you’re one of these people, I have a suggestion. How ’bout you NOT spread things about me that you can’t even confirm are true? Because word gets around, and I laughed pretty hard when I heard how you (in particular, one of you) came to those conclusions from reading certain posts on this blog, because frankly, you don’t know my world or the main players in it. At all.

And to those of you whom I caused unnecessary concern, my sincere apologies. In particular, my “Tokyo Rain” post was not directed at the memories you think they were directed at, and I’m sorry that post made you feel guilty!

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[Yesterday night]

Mom: (watching me clean my retainers with a toothbrush and dishwashing liquid) “Why you use MaMa Lemon on them? Shouldn’t you use toothpaste instead?”


[Before tutorials ended]

LL: “Doctors are like clothes. The more you try on, the better.”


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you know you’re stressed when

You nearly wash the iPhone grasped in your right hand instead of the pair of spectacles in your left.


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