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yes Yes YES!

There are too many things to do.

But it’s a good kind of “too many things to do”.

Sighs contentedly.

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you know your handwriting’s bad when…

Linlin reads your scribbled “Ettu Sais” as “Euthanasia”.


So ends my life in law school. It didn’t go out with a bang; I would have liked to say that my last exam in law school was a good one, but sadly that wasn’t the case. I made some bad question choices. Sigh. Dear God, please give me a B. I actually studied more topics than the infallible _____________. :(

But what happened after the exam was excellent! We ran off to gallivant in Orchard Road. Dinner at Ippudo was great as usual, and their menu has really expanded. Still pricey though. ;p And then we went SHOPPING. Blissful, carefree SHOPPING. I haven’t been able to shop without constantly worrying about the time in THREE MONTHS. I haven’t been able to do anything without looking at the time for three months. And it felt. So. GOOD.

I shall go swimming before Lei Garden tomorrow in the hopes of burning away the delicious calories I will eventually stuff back in. Must lose weight arh. If not the plane cannot take off. Ha!


Some of my friends are still in throes of pain over the examinations, but IT WILL BE OVER SOON so gambatte kudasai!!! :D


Randomly, I did an incredibly stupid thing yesterday. Whilst taking a five minute break from Biomed, I randomly went to read about water boarding. Oh GOD what a mistake, I kept thinking about its horrors and couldn’t sleep!! When I related this to Jolin, she was like, huh, what’s the big deal, I read about it for intel what. Huh. I conclude that these things affect me a lot more than other people. Like how I got nightmares after reading the material for human rights in asia and slept badly for more than 2 weeks. Toughen up Rachel you’re going into family law!!

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The last time I felt this stressed was before the A Levels Econs exam. Where I only studied Macroecons and totally hecked the Microecons part.



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