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life, in brief.

1. Lunch with KK today was lovely. Pity he had to rush off.

2. My book has finally arrived. Of course it arrives in the week when my weekend is not chill.

3. My subs will not finish. I verily believe it will hit 60 pages. I want to cry. Chiong Rachel chiong.

4. Looking forward to tennis with FY JT and E tomorrow! Please don’t rain!

5. I have joined FF and have grand plans to become Little Miss Gym Rat. Hope these plans work out!

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I know I have lunch plans for tomorrow.

But I cannot remember with whom these plans were made.

Rachel, you fail.

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bitchy pitchy.

I have such a bad headache right now. But I’ve finally got the timings right for Pig’s wedding song. Now if I could only fix the pitch problems. ARGH.

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and i owe it all to you.

LL’s msn status reads “THE DECEMBER OF MY LIFE!” and I cannot agree more. Freedom tastes so sweet because you know you aren’t going to have this luxury of rubber time for a good many months to come.

To just sit around in ECP waiting for friends for 3h just because you can is pure LUXURY. So is gorging ourselves on steak sandwiches at the Morton’s bar. Sigh. I don’t want December to end!

I haven’t blogged about my birthday, I know. I had some very pleasant surprises and am totally zen about the less pleasant aspects. I’m very touched to have such awesome friends and family. I love you people. Mwaaaaah.

My mosquito bites are really shitting itchy. Mopiko is a lie.

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yeah right.

The following visual image is screencapped from a popup ad which this writer found exceedingly hilarious:

In other news, this writer got absolutely no work done today and has just consumed 200g of thinly sliced Virginia Ham with a tablespoon of white truffle oil and 2 slices of Emmental cheese AND polished off 14 Lindt Swiss Thins.

When feeling insecure, COMFORT FOOD FTW!

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“You know arh, last time, Mommy and Auntie very hiao one leh!”

On my way home today I saw a taxi waiting outside a neighbour’s house “on call”. At 12.07am.

Totally brings me back to those crazy Year 1 days when C and I would decide to go clubbing on short notice because we felt depressed. HAHA.

What were we thinking, really!! Makes for a good story to tell our kids though. Grins.

KTV today was a freakin concert. Standard too high already. HAHAHA.


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things i must do.

After this CPCM thing is over, that is.

1. Record Cheese’s wedding song
2. Get a haircut
3. Buy green tea powder
4. Go back to Two Fat Men! Which every Eastie should try!

I agree with Ms Yap that although we seem to be very busy and seem to be rather occupied with work, that feeling that you’ve LEARNT something is just missing. :\

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