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You people are going to think I’m nuts, but I really like Katy Perry’s style! She can make the cutesy primary colours thing work without looking trashy. Sure she’s had a few faux pas, but who hasn’t? ;p

katy-perry-fashion-7Love the shoes. And the dress is to die for.

katy_perry02Of course, you also need a 20-inch waist to pull off this outfit… :(

katy-perry-vma-bIgnore the deranged look in her eyes. I ADORE this outfit. Minus the weird hairband. The quirky necklace, kiddy-ish dress and primary colours theme is awesome!!!

Yes feel free to screech “OMG RACHEL ARE U INSANE?!” now. My earplugs are in with Starstrukk playing at full blast! :D

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