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favourite foreign words.

Just randomly.

I love the sound of the words 哀愁, 沮丧 and 畅销.

I also like 없어 and 세상.

Not forgetting および, かくご, すすむ and つらい.

Whee such lovely sounding words!

Ok. I’m insane.

I’m entitled to be insane.

2 assignments in one freaking week! I can’t believe we made it!

Ah, I love this group of K-ers. Had a free concert again today!

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lo and behold

Her Probate Assignment was longer than the Fam one.


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this amused me very much.

So much, in fact, that I nearly rolled off the bed laughing this afternoon (when I woke up).

Her: Fwah done done? [reference to our assignment]
Her: You were awake at 5.20am!
Her: Siaoooo
Me: Hahahh yes done! :D I finished at precisely that time. How come u know I was awake?
Her: Stalk you! I am the cockroach in your room!

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我, Part II.

Is finally starting on Division of MA.

But has no idea how to go about it.

OMG !@£$%^!!!!!


Let’s start by reading the CPF and HDB article.

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it’s the little things that make us happiest of all.

1. Dad leaving a copy of Urban on my desk, said Urban’s cover story being “Must-Have Shoes for this Season”

2. Dad offering to send me all the way down to court when I remarked that I was probably going to be ten minutes late for lecture

3. Dad peeling a pomelo and using the husk as an air freshener (WTF seriously)

4. Mom making me Caesar salad because I would probably just eat cereal otherwise (considering my total lack of time to prepare food now)

5. Mom running down to Ikea to get paper folders so I can organise the mess on my study room floor

6. Mom accompanying me on my errands


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Has just finished the extra pangsai she had to do for Eff Em Ass.

(Dear My Tutor, please just say yes to CDR and don’t ask me any more questions.)

And is now starting on Fam.

At 11.19pm.



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Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I’d like to look like this please.

Thank you.



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