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fortune cookie.

This is my Chinese horoscope prediction for 2009:

The social activities will increase. If Earth is the Lucky Element, friends bring the money opportunity. If Earth is the unlucky element, then friends help you spending money.

And because Fire is apparently my lucky element and not Earth… 
-looks pointedly at the 2 people who dragged me to Sephora last Monday-


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so true.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

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one of those days.

Today was a brilliant day.

I injured Knut, was late for my fave class, and got insulted by Uncle L. All in the span of 3h.


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Did you ever have that dream, where you were just standing there, watching your greatest fear play out before you with a plastic smile on your face?

And you were just standing there, wondering why you didn’t do anything sooner.
Standing there, wishing you could turn back time.
Standing there, as your heart bled away.

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Every time I head to the airport I cannot remember which perfumes to zoom in on. Hence! I come up with something that never fails: A list.

1. Dolce Vita EDT, Christian Dior
2. Miss Dior Cherie 
3. Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet
4. Midnight Poison EDP, Christian Dior
5. Le Chevrefeuille EDT, Annick Goutal
6. Quel Amor! EDT, Annick Goutal
7. Penhaligon’s Elizabethan Rose

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bimbo brainwaves.

After watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua on the plane (twice, back and forth; for lack of good movies!), and stumbling upon $20 doggie kuas, I have a sudden urge to dress my dog up for Chinese New Year.

I’ll bet Pootpoot hates Chihuahuas and Facebook advertising now. :D

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just maybe.

It might be easier, if there were someone else.

Keeping this facade up wears me out.

Let’s make this one night stand last forever, so I won’t say-

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It’s only the third day of the first week of school, and already I’m finding reasons to procrastinate.

Bad girl, Rachel, bad girl.

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chasing rabbits.

Elusive, confusing, frustrating, and overly simplified.

2008 in a nutshell.

My spirit was broken so many times over the past year. It seems fitting, somehow, that the passing of 2008 into 2009 was a complete nonevent, and spent in a different time zone altogether. There was very little to celebrate about 2008, though there were silver linings that will remain forever bright in my memories of a year filled with darkness and gloom.

Friends and family, for enduring my increasingly frequent moodswings and ever shortening patience, thank you. You’ve all shown me how much you love me in these times of adversity, and for that I am ever grateful.

I’ve done my best to put a smile on my face even in bad times, but, looking back, perhaps that wasn’t enough. Perhaps I waited too passively for happiness to come. Happiness, especially in bleak times, is often a construct, a creation of one’s own. 

So here’s my new year’s resolution: To actively find happiness, and to create happiness where there is none. 

A toast to 2009.

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walk like an egyptian.

1. Camels are smelly creatures that make strange noises when you sit on them.

It’s much, much higher and scarier than it looks. They look so cute and romantic in movies but they’re totally unfriendly in real life. Hmpf.

2. Ice cream at tourist hotspots cost 4 (freaking) USD!

But it was goooood. Got this particular ice cream from the Luxor Temple.

3. Egyptian fare is pretty damn good!

Which was way better than the pseudo-Chinese fare they served on Day 7 that gave practically the entire tour group diarrhoea.

4. Visiting my friend Tutankhamun.

A most hospitable chap, I must say. Greatly recommended. Lovely interior furnishings and all.

5. Crazy salespeople dudes who yell VERY CHEAP ONLY FIFTY POUND FIFTY POUND! and throw things at your cruise ship window when they see u peer out to observe the commotion.

I didn’t buy anything. Wahahaha.

6. Horse carriages with number plates. Macaim motorcar!


7. Galabaias, and the view from the Nile cruise.

p.s. I wasn’t actually wearing a galabaia. It was some jingly dunnowhatthing that made my brains dissolve every time I jangled. for example of galabaia, pls ref my godma on far left. :D
p.p.s. don’t you think my mom looks like benazir bhutto?!

8. The Egyptian sun

At sunrise…

And sunset.

9. Idyllic felucca rides.


Is be very romanticks one okays. :D

10. And what I liked best about Egypt: goofing around with le famille.

Love. :)


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