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my brain. it hurts.

Came back from the Pee Ell See dinner with a magnificent headache.

It’s so bad I don’t even feel like moving to shower and sleep. I just want to sit here and rot and hope it doesn’t get worse. The idea of washing my hair sounds like pure torture right now. But I can’t sleep in this sweaty state.

Gawd. They should really fix the psychedelic lighting and the music.

OK. Stop whining and hop to it, Rachel.


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I didn’t know that my last bus from Pasir Ris leaves at 2330! As I was walking to the bus terminus I was even thinking to myself, “Ah, this Singapore, it is awesomes, it has bus services that still run at this hour because it complements the MRT schedule” – right after which the information screen enlightened me to the fact that the bus service had ended! GRAH! Faith well misplaced.

Should have dropped at Tanah Merah and taken a bus from there instead. Brrr.

Dinner with friends was great despite the fact that I was about to keel over from tiredness. OK next week I shall not go out so much. I only managed to exercise thrice this week!!! I can feel my arteries clogging.

And, I FOUND SOMEWHERE THAT SERVES SNAPPER PIE!!! Double Bay at Raffles City! Sadly it’s only served as a portion for two. :( Didn’t get to try it today.

Okay this entry is completely meaningless and useless because I’m SO tired. Shall shower and head to bed. Good night world.

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my enthusiastic mother.

Her: Let’s frame your graduation cert!
Me: (shudders) And have to look at it every day?! No thanks, I’m feeling worthless enough as it is.

Commencement was fun(ish), but it would have been funner if they didn’t segregate by class of honours. Way to draw a line, people. The funnest part was going back to the BTC and taking nonsense photos with the nearest and dearest and getting whacked on the head by falling mortar boards. HAHA. Missed out on the Law Fac sign in front of ETS though! (Which this Linlin didn’t know was even there. We died of laughter.)

Pee Ell See is BORING SHYTE and most of the lecturers don’t seem to have their heart (or skill) in lecturing. :( Props for trying, but the best lecture thus far was by an academic (DUH). And wearing work clothes + heels every day is a major drag. My feet are screaming. I feel like walking into court in completely inappropriate attire. Like my flat Zara boots that have 5 decorative buckles on the side. ;p

Fondue gathering was good, realised I missed out on inviting a few people due to Facebook malfunctions and oversight on my part. FY brought pink champagne. Hahaha! Pretty to look at, but still gross to drink. I’m very happy with this new fondue recipe! Don’t have to run around looking for this Vacherin Fribourgeois cheese that is as inaccessible and unfindable as it is snotty-sounding.

Good night world, PLC beckons.

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