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the bird won’t sing.

I feel like I’m being subject to exam stress.

And exams aren’t even up and coming.

I’m overdosing on gummy bears.

And I just realised that my calorie limit decreased by 100.
BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And I exceeded it by 75 today.
I should not have eaten those last 2 packs of baby bears.

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I think that drinking one cup of Teh O and a Large Cafe Latte from the Thinking Cafe messes with your brain makes you emo and causes sleeplessness.

ineedtostoptypinguseless entries.

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“No seriously, what’s there to feel? You are fat.”

Reminds me of the Shan & Rozz show.
Rozz: “Does this dress make my ass look fat?”
Shan: “No, your fat ass makes your ass look fat.”

And seriously. What am I doing typing this kinda rubbish at this hour.
I should be considering the very important questions listed in TYL’s tutorial 2.
Which I have haphazardly done because I don’t understand what he’s asking and I don’t think they’re found in the assigned cases (which I have not finished reading?!).
This is what I call hyperventilative panicking. Why can I not achieve the targets I set for myself huh?


Leargh this entry was pointless.
The next one will be more pointful. I promise.

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I remembered something random Caits said to me as I was browsing the old entries on a blog.

“There’s something for everyone!”

Which is so true. I wonder if I have something for everyone. LOL.
(I don’t think so!)

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oh, my, what a surprise.

Update from The Necessary Stage:

“URGENT Saturday 26th – We’ve just gotten news about our license application for THE COMPLAINTS CHOIR PROJECT (performances at various public spaces today). While we were given a license, this is a conditional one – no foreigners (i.e. a handful of the participants, the artists themselves and our conductor) are allowed to perform with the Choir. This is across the board and not only applicable for Speaker’s Corner (which has a regulation that states that non-Singaporeans aren’t allowed to perform there).”

So looks like the Gahmen really dowan foreigners to even bloody SING complaints about Singapore in Singapore then.

Ya, wait the Singaporeans hear such seditious songs they will be influenced and take to the streets. We must protect our citizens from such foreign influence and their evil songs.


Heard this news about the Singapore Complaints Choir (seen here in a Channel NewsAsia report). Dunno if it is true or not:

Just heard from a friend that the police showed up at the last rehearsal of the Singapore Complaints Choir, part of the Fringe Festival. They’ve banned foreigners from singing in the choir — this includes the director, who had flown from Finland! The police have also canceled the Speakers Corner performance of the complaints choir, and it looks like without the director (and the conductor, who is Malaysian), the entire show has in effect been shut down.

If true, maybe the foreign singers of this choir were deemed to be “meddling in domestic politics with a foreign agenda”.

Eh, you think you are singing it means you can come here and meddle-meddle our politics ah? Cannot unnerstand? Gahmen dun care you say it, write it, or sing it one.

Source: Mr Brown

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the world is a popsicle.

Yesterday was M-day, Mortification day, but I survived.
And more importantly, I had fun. ;)

However, I’m still sick, and in fact running out of medication; that is not fun.
Such is life.
It’s the unfun that makes us value the fun. Or so I believe.
So let’s apply ourselves to the unfun with glee.

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ring a ding ling.

I saw the ice cream man on my way back today!

I haven’t seen him in ages. Not since I was in secondary school, I think.
I got the feeling that he doesn’t ply my street anymore.
He’s like a permanent fixture in my childhood, a weatherbeaten old man on a motorbike with a cooler attached to the side.
It was like, such a big event when he stopped by our playground; we’d all pause the Blindcatch and Catching and what-have-you to buy ice cream from the ice cream man.

It’s nice to know he’s still around.
Little things like this make me happy. :))

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you is a car. i chases you.

There are periods of times in your life that you feel emo, want to hole yourself up in a dank cave (with internet connection, electric supply and most certainly running water and a toilet), and write.
This is one of them.

I’ve been having really weird dreams lately, remembering things I shouldn’t and wishing for things that can never be. Probably the effect of all the medication I’m on.

I hate waking up shivering.

I don’t feel like getting on with LCS at all.

I don’t like overhearing shady conversations with them siding with the other side.
Them and us indeed. If you dunno how to handle people then don’t blame it on the person you can’t handle. Pfft.

I don’t like having a fever.

Neh neh ni pu pu. Rachel is emo.

Just watch my wildest dreams come true, not one of them involving you

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germs-1, rachel-0

I have a million and one things to do this week, and i’m SICK.
Like seriously wahlau haven’t I fallen sick enough times already?!

Anyway. Now to attempt to read my E&T cases without falling asleep.
Which I still feel like doing despite having napped for 2h. Pfft.


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i feel like going to changi village to eat.

I know I know, me and my cravings. =p


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