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I’m having the most chilled CNY I’ve ever had. Ever ever.

Looking back, every CNY has always been a mad rush of assignments in some form or other. It feels weird having nothing to do but worry about how to get work come Monday. HAHAHA.

Not that I’m complaining, really. :)

But I do want more work when work starts on Monday!!!! Work come to me please!!!

I feel inadequate. In so many ways. Zzzzz.


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not so stupid cupid

Mom gave me this for Valentine’s Day!! I squealed so loudly my dad heard me through a closed door all the way downstairs. HAHA.

Gives me more reason to step up the weight loss thing. A bag this pretty should not have a fugly owner. Grins.

And Dad sent Mom and I flowers! :D Quite awesome ones too.

Aren’t they pretty? :D


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I feel the need to scream out loud and go wild.
Butter/Zouk/St James anyone?


Randomly, I also want to check out Forbidden City and The Clinic.

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tuan yuan fan.

There wasn’t a reunion dinner per se.
We went as a single nuclear unit to My Humble House! (I got to try it. Finally.)

The food was good, and the ambience/service even better.
They had really kinky high-backed chairs with red tassels which I was too paiseh to snap pics of. ;p

My attempts at teaching Daddy to smile… FAIL. Hahahaha!!!

Mom and I, however, are naturals. What can I say? Heh!

Happy times =)) Wheeeeeeeeeeee.

And just to be random: My Chinese New Year nails. WAHAHAHAHA.

I tried to do the Louboutin manicure.
It’s not as easy as it looks, to achieve a semblance of red I had to paint THREE coats on the underside of my nail. =p
And, in natural light, it’s not all that obvious.
The messiness involved + the lack of obvious redness = I am not doing it again!!!


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happily melancholic.

There’s a mix of happy and melancholy whirling around in my soul.
It’s a nice feeling, strangely.
It’s the feeling of balance, and of acceptance, that nothing can ever be perfect as is, and that the imperfect can only be made perfect by acceptance of imperfections.
Perfection in imperfection.

Perhaps that’s why Christmas this year was so perfect.
I had no expectations, didn’t try to orchestrate anything, and just took things as they came, riding wave after wave.
Waves bring you safely to the shore when you don’t try to fight it eh?

Let conscience be your guide.

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