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i haz a happie.

The SCALP has begun PEELING.

YUCKS! I have a strong urge to plaster my scalp with face masque or aloe vera gel!!!

Met Mr S for lunch today at Al Ameen. Butter chicken yumyumyum. And Ng Kim Lee! Love their mooncakes!

I still can’t believe he’s back! :D :D :D

Just to remind myself, I still want to take him to Tong Heng/Maxwell and to TWO FAT MEN hohoho

Had really good nonya food at Beauty World today for dinner after a long day doing research in the library.

Cannot remember the name. Some weird nonsensical sounding name. It’s on the top floor of Beauty World and is Makansutra-recommended! Reasonable prices too.

My grand plan to go for CLG mass FAILED spectacularly, I thought it started at 7 when it actually started at 6. OMG. I was still researching in the library when J informed me as to mine error at like half past six or something. This is called NOT FATED!

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no-track mind.

My lack of motivation is increasing.

I find obsessing about skincare so much more fascinating than the pros and cons of mandatory mediation.

Potato salad is also more interesting than the latter. I made it today! I couldn’t find a simple recipe and thus kind of just anyhow whacked. It was nice enough for Mom to request that I make it again tomorrow! :)

Running is yet another activity more exciting than this research paper. Weather was so fantastic today that I did an extra loop around Liria.

Sigh. I am yet another day behind schedule.

There comes a point when one just zones out of panic mode, but with a month left to exams, panic mode is bound to return.

Until then, I shall sing Beyonce’s Halo to my heart’s content.

Baby I can feel your halo,
You know you’re my saving grace

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the good, the bad, and the sleepy.

I could kiss my professor. He just changed the format of the exam from closed-book to open book. THANK GOD! Now I won’t have to memorise Hart Fuller Eliot Sen blah! It’s hard enough trying to relate all the material to what he’s talking about in class!

On a less happy note, I didn’t get my top 4 subjects for sub reg. BLARGH. That means I have to deal with add-drop next sem. I got my SEVENTH choice leh. I cannot get over it. SEVENTH choice omg. And it’s not like it was my 4th choice that was skipped either. It was my THIRD choice, which we’re supposed to have priority for!

Meh. Should have put Biomed as my third choice instead of second choice. WASTED.

Randomly, I can still feel the aftereffects of the Wine Co lunch I had with P and Mr Mercedes. I think there’s MSG in there. Blechhh.

I am very sleepy now. Zzzzz. I’ve been swilling Coke Light by the barrel but the caffeine doesn’t seem to be kicking in. Barrrrrhhhhhhhhh.

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you spin my head right round.

Three things.

1. I have just found out that I’m three months overdue to buy the AppleCare Protection Plan for my Macbook!!! WTF!!!! Why can’t I buy a Protection Plan if my Macbook is still in good working order even if I’ve exceeded the 1 year warranty?!

2. Chatterbox Chicken Rice has an affordable version in Downtown East! Went there for lunch with (the sick) Mr Mercedes today (who was milking the fact that he had a runny nose for all he was worth. you know u were! don’t deny it!). My mom thought I was shitting her when I said there’s an affordable version of Chatterbox in Downtown. I think she’s still dubious. LOL. Nice mother.
(If u’re reading this, Hi Mom! Grins.)

3. Islamic law is going nowhere. Zzz. All the Arabic terminology is making my head spin. I hope I don’t fail the exam :(


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1. I fell sick spectacularly after being illness-free for a year :( Fever, cough, cold, sore throat, headache, body aches, the works. This shows u should never count your chickens too early. Lol. Still coughing actually! Bahness I want to go and run!

2. FY, Jolin, KK and I celebrated 090909 at Michelangelo’s, although FY only pointed this out to us after the fact. LOL. It was actually just dinner to relieve stress. Food was good but really rather pricey.

3. Restaurant City is the most retarded game on Facebook ever invented. Unfortunately I’m addicted to it. I love doing the decor of the restaurant! Teehee!

4. My dog always looks a bit dumb, but he’s been looking particularly stupid of late. As if there isn’t a single thought between his ears. Oh well I suppose age does that to everyone eventually, and dogs are no exception. Grins.

5. Ms Li Fangyi is totally sweet, she bought me this Zhi Ke Hua Tan soup thingum to cure my cough. Awwwwww. I love you Ms Li.


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fridays are love.

A healthy dose of Inspector Jacques Clouseau, Andy Garcia, Caitlin Yap, Outback Steakhouse and Raffles Creamery makes the medicine (read: stress) go down!


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i feel like going to changi village to eat.

I know I know, me and my cravings. =p


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