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need stability.

I need stability. Ritual. When your clients’ lives are always in upheaval, sometimes you feel like your life is constantly being upheaved too.

I am feeling emotional. Been working long hours this week on cases that tug at my heartstrings.

Need. Hug. Now.

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guys are better at being girls too.

Nong Poy. Who was born a boy but didn’t do any plastic surgery to get that face.


She doesn’t even sound male either!

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During a golf lesson with Dad last week…

Dad: Address the ball. [For the uninitiated, this means put your golf stick club next to the ball.]
Me: (looks at ball) Hello.
Dad: =.=


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I know I have lunch plans for tomorrow.

But I cannot remember with whom these plans were made.

Rachel, you fail.

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on the back burner.

I so feel that way. Why can’t things just be easy.

I’m tired of fighting.

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five men and five dogs.

It disgusts me to see Suntec City’s and Orchard Central’s electronic billboards flashing advertisements brightly when Japan is suffering from terrible energy shortages. The rest of Orchard is as colourfully lit as always.

Life must go on, but must it go on so flamboyantly?

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