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One more week one more week one more week!

That’s all my brain is saying right now.


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life, in brief.

1. Lunch with KK today was lovely. Pity he had to rush off.

2. My book has finally arrived. Of course it arrives in the week when my weekend is not chill.

3. My subs will not finish. I verily believe it will hit 60 pages. I want to cry. Chiong Rachel chiong.

4. Looking forward to tennis with FY JT and E tomorrow! Please don’t rain!

5. I have joined FF and have grand plans to become Little Miss Gym Rat. Hope these plans work out!

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hit me baby one more time.

And so, with the flick of a pen, I am contractually bound to The Firm.

It was a bit underwhelming, and over too soon. But happy-fying nonetheless.

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need hug.

Client shouted at me today. :(


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the table lamp saga, part II.

(You know how frickin boring my life is when I stoop to blogging about buying a dang table lamp)

But anyway.

The Father produced a small fluorescent tube that can be stuck to a wall! I shall try it tomorrow. If that fails I’m buying an Ikea lamp.

All ye who are searching for table lamps, do make Ikea your first stop. I like Ikea table lamps. They have a very pleasant off-white colour and are not too glaring. They are also visually acceptable (read: no Hello Kitties).

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I (finally) moved into my permanent seat today (*gleeful dance*) and discovered that it’s quite dark.

The placement of the overhead light is not ideal – it’s behind me, so when I move forward, I cast a shadow on whatever I’m reading. I am very anal about not having shadows on what I’m reading. It breaks my train of thought.

As such, I went looking for a suitable table lamp. My associate directed me to Best Denki, where she said she bought her table lamp. So happily marched I into the nearest Best Denki at Century Square.

To my horror, I discovered that the cheapest table lamp there was a whopping $68!!! And had HELLO KITTY on it! Good God. I was not paying $68 for a pink travesty that had a cat without a mouth for a switch! The next cheapest lamp was a Bad Batzmaru lamp. Granted, the colour scheme for this lamp was slightly more acceptable, but I decided that I was letting go of too many cherished aesthetic and financial rules to live by if I deigned to pay $75 for a cartoon lamp.

The lamps that were acceptable-looking (read: non-cartoon) were all above $150. How can table lamps be so expensive?! It should be illegal to make lamps that expensive! At the end of the day, what is a table lamp but a damn bulb connected to a short stand?!

I must say the 3M table lamps were extremely tempting. They have this fantastic screen that makes the light extremely pleasant for reading. However, they cost about as much as a Prada wallet in Italy. That is unacceptable. Although, as the Parents did point out, it might be worth investing in a good lamp to protect my eyes.

I shall think about this. My most up-to-date Father has informed me that there is a Philips warehouse sale on Saturday somewhere in Toa Payoh. (Ah. What a great way to spend my only rest day. Jostling with uncles like the Father in TOA PAYOH.) But I suppose, for my eyes, and for my rather shallow pocket, I will have to do so.

Anyone else want to buy a table lamp? :D

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