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it’s a keeper.

Ah. C was right. Two words made it all better. :)

And, the weekend proved to me how much I love this area of law.

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Protected: fighting face on.

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the last two days of freedom: end of day 1.

I just made my first blogshop purchase in more than 2 years. Huh. I wonder if I’m going to regret it. The cheap weekend clothes bug is really biting me now that we actually need to spend a fair bit on work clothes! :(

I am going to record one more song before I start work. Just one more.

I still didn’t find the time to sit down and read. SIGH! Why does every holiday pass this way!!

Aldo has a really nice and seemingly comfy pair of black flats. Why do they cost so much. :(

Tried GongCha today. Bu hao he.

It was good seeing J again after so long.

Ironing beckons!


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It’s always everyone’s fault but yours right? Thanks for yelling at me for absolutely no reason.

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’tis a monster.

There is a little beast called _________. It likes to rear its head at the most inopportune of moments. Actually, this little beast has many names, and perhaps the name it most often known by is its misnomer. I hate this little beast. But I can’t shake it. Go away, Little Beast. Work is starting soon, and I could do without your presence.

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drag queen.

Getting the nitty-gritties in order for work is such a DRAG!

Especially when you thought you had until the end of the month to get everything in place. Grrrr.

Am wondering if I should buy my stationery organiser now. Should pay a visit to the Chapalang Store tomorrow.

And! I am in the department I want! WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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phew 100%.

I want to take this moment to remember the huge squeal of relief I emitted when I found out that I passed the Bar Exam.

So if I ever start being cocky about how “easy” the bar exams were, someone please smack me.

Because I did not find them easy. I even kept all the hard copy printouts of the notes (usually I throw them away immediately after an exam) because I was afraid I might be on the CP list.

So, thank you God; thank you my Awesome Study Group, the notes we put together were really amazing; and thank you Mom, for praying for me.

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