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a singer in a smoky room

I have found something that I want more than being stick thin.

And that’s feeling my brain ZIP.

I kicked my brain today, and it went mweh.

I did not like that feeling. I would like to think “mweh” was the result of medication and is not a permanent condition.

I want to feel that zipZipZIP feeling when I’m put on spot and kick my brain frantically into action. That feeling that inevitably leads to an adrenaline headache! Where is it! It better be with me on Monday, or I’ll fail for sure!! :(

Ugh so much for finishing the prep by today. I’m tired. i am going to sleep. I will finish this by noon tomorrow. YESSSS. Need. More. EFFICIENCY!!!

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panic mode is starting in 3…2…1…

I wonder if it was a good idea to sign up for the Accreditation Course. O.O

With exams 4 weeks away, and Cheese’s wedding coming up soon, I’m starting to freak out!!!! What if I fail PLC?!?!?!? I’ve been consoling myself with the thought that I will figure things out closer to the exams, but this is cutting it a BIT too close.

Anyway there’s nothing I can do about it, I’ve already signed up and paid and I want to do it anyway.



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i am un-massageable.

My masseuse told me today that in Shandong, there is a saying that ticklish people are filial people. The more ticklish you are, the more filial you will be.

On that score, she said I’m probably the most filial person in Singapore. =.=

You can guess that the massage I went for today was not in the least bit enjoyable. I laughed so much and so hard that tears were constantly streaming down my eyes and felt giddy afterwards! A very Marcel Proust-ish moment; reminded me of the times Cousin R would bundle me up in a thin mattress and tickle me through it mercilessly whilst I writhed and screamed and laughed and begged for release.

Only this time, I was the voluntary subject of the torture. Hahaha. But no more. Never again!!!

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one down, sort of.

I have ticked something very important off my to-do list: Figure out the “hot guy” that I’m supposed to bring to Y’s birthday party on 22 Oct. Grins.

Other things I wanted to do this week but will have to be put on hold until such time as the flu bug unbites me:

1. Record Cheese’s wedding song
2. Run at ECP
3. Swim (what gorgeous weather we’ve been having for that!)

Things that I will have to complete nonetheless:

2. Tutorials


One thing to be grateful for is that the construction works seem to have finally stopped! (cross fingers)

See la. Never eat your Vit C daily! Now all the fun things cannot do!


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the fantastic advice dads give

After I related what D said to me on Friday:

“You should wear more short skirts. And high heels.”

(Cue Mom rolling eyes and shaking head behind him)


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CDR did not go so well today.

But I did not expect it to go well, so I’m still on an adrenaline high. HAHA!

Maybe I’ll crash and burn later. I want to play piano now.

But I think I should go email my client. Like now. NOW now.

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