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insert choice profanities.

On further post-mortem of my equity exam I believe I will be lucky not to get a D.


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marcel proust, sort of.

I was reminded of a conversation I had with someone a year or so ago.

Me: “I need more time! No time to study!!!! Exams are in two days!”

Her: “You need time like Singaporean men need better personal grooming.”


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pare nick.

eez pare nick ing.

yoo nose hao it goez.

eez stil at ree sahl ting trahsts.

eez not ahn duh sten deeng trahsts fur ahn in korh pore ate erd uh so see ay shens.

wai muz bee so com plee kay turd?

juz geef eh vry bar dy duh mah ney, so eeh zee!

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quite hot sia?

Stole this pic off a blog talking about Japanese Host Clubs.
Japanese men are really nt bad looking eh???
I wonder how much of that flawless skin is foundation and photoshop though. HAHAHA. 


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dear my dearest husband

I have received thy letter, written with ink from the fount of thy unending love.

My heart doth weep at our separation, but dire necessity of our homeland must prevail over my selfish love.

Take then mine heart with thee as thou doth slay the evil ones!

Ogle not the hot men without me! O, I long to embrace thee beneath the falling cherry blossoms, and to laugh maniacally at the other crazy Asians running amok on the quad.

My love, thy words have given me strength, and I shall hold thy memory close to my heart as I wait for thine homecoming.

Really, darling. I appreciate it. :)
Friends like you make life at exam time seem so much less bleak. Mwah!

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long & blond.


This is Presley Gerber. Cindy Crawford’s kid.

I can’t believe he’s a boy. So PRETTY!!!!!

Can’t wait to see what he looks like when he grows up.  

If he turns out to be another Draco Malfoy, I will be SO disappointed. :p

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jaw. hits. floor.

Check this out.

From fugly to fckworthy in a few easy steps!!! Shock.

Maybe I should go try those double eyelid stickers and false eyelashes and whatnot too. O.O


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this amuses me!

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If fugly is fcking ugly, then fairy is ..?

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I howls at the moon.

LEARGHS things are getting desperate!!!!

I think Caits is very zai!

A certain public law tutor has not finished marking our scripts!


Tension tenshun tan shen.


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