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this amuses me!


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If fugly is fcking ugly, then fairy is ..?

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I howls at the moon.

LEARGHS things are getting desperate!!!!

I think Caits is very zai!

A certain public law tutor has not finished marking our scripts!


Tension tenshun tan shen.


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ooh la la.

Someone said this to me the other day after talking to his/her crush.
“Talking to him/her always makes my heart beat really fast!”

I get that feeling before moots, debates, trial advo, that sorta thing, but I can honestly say that I’ve never had that reaction to any person, ever, in my life. :p

Yes, I find that incredible too.  

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happy 21st piggypoo!

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throws hands in air and screams.

At 2000/2300 words, I realised that my entire essay was wrong.

Envy me please. :( 


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let there be showers of mugging.

The three weeks of hell begin tomorrow.

JY everyone!

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