quite hot sia?

Stole this pic off a blog talking about Japanese Host Clubs.
Japanese men are really nt bad looking eh???
I wonder how much of that flawless skin is foundation and photoshop though. HAHAHA. 


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17 responses to “quite hot sia?

  1. the8pe

    .. what? lol.

  2. No no no…they look like girls and that is ghastly… awful awful

  3. rachel

    no lorrrrrr.
    pretty boys make e world go round!

  4. the8pe

    i don’t see a man in them.

  5. the8pe

    also also, i wonder how they look like after they take off their makeup O_o

  6. like girls. and i swear they will look like that even if they take off their clothes…mmm

  7. the8pe

    lol. agree!! I like my man muscles!

  8. rafflifantome

    Oooo… But I love their hair. Funky hair. I want hair like that – but my hair will always just fall limp. Damn.

  9. rachel

    nina liong u’re one to talk u went gaga over pretty jap boys with me and fi in sec sch!!! tsk. hahahaha!!! and how u know they dun have muscles. o.o

    ms li why are u fantasising abt naked men? ;D

    raffli: i…. can give u gatsbyyyyyyy

  10. Having spent 3 months in Japan, that is exactly what they look like in everyday real life, not just for photo shoots. Ha!

  11. the8pe

    well now my standards are higher. i have seen more of the world. there exists hotter men that jap girly boys, i tell you.

  12. rachel

    nina: right…. and does yr current standard happen to be peenut? *smirks* it’s not a question of standard, dahling, it’s a question of preference, and androgynous men are so up my tree. wahaha!

    tokyo kiss: i SO want to go to japan now.

  13. the8pe

    well … yes. hahaha.

  14. the8pe

    Oei i just noticed the “Champagne call” on the bottom of the flyer. maybe you’re getting a little desperate? :X har har har.

  15. piggypoo

    I really thought “Hey.. pretty girls with short hair.. maybe I could try something like that! ” Then i read what u wrote.. -_-”” GAH darlingg…

  16. rachel

    frog: hahaha wtf is a champagne call? and anyway i don’t like the champagne call guy.

    pig: OH NOES. haahahahahha!!!


    seriously? where’d your tastebuds go?

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