dear my dearest husband

I have received thy letter, written with ink from the fount of thy unending love.

My heart doth weep at our separation, but dire necessity of our homeland must prevail over my selfish love.

Take then mine heart with thee as thou doth slay the evil ones!

Ogle not the hot men without me! O, I long to embrace thee beneath the falling cherry blossoms, and to laugh maniacally at the other crazy Asians running amok on the quad.

My love, thy words have given me strength, and I shall hold thy memory close to my heart as I wait for thine homecoming.

Really, darling. I appreciate it. :)
Friends like you make life at exam time seem so much less bleak. Mwah!


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One response to “dear my dearest husband

  1. Caits

    what crazy asians running amok on the quad? Can also look at other races running amok on the quad what. (race – races – racing) No reasonable classification.


    Anw, just dropping a msg to say: JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU!!!

    Yeahs u can do it! Go go rach gan! ^-^”

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