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poke ah poke.

The Father decided to explore the wonderful world of Facebook today.

In furtherance thereof, I was bombarded with the following questions upon my return home at 11.30pm:

F: What is poke ah?
Me: Uh. Why don’t you just ignore that function for now.
F: But I want to know what is poke.
Me: No need la. U just needed to see your messages right? And the pics?
F: Nono tell me what is this poke? Poke got message one anot?
Me: No la poke no message one.
F: SOOOO what is poke???
Me: (-.-) It’s a function to disturb people. No meaning one.
F: Oh. (thinks) So who can I poke?
Me: Your friends la.
F: How to see my poke?
Me: (halfway up the stairs) I think it’s either in the profile or the home page.
F: (clicks and scrolls) Don’t have leh. (looks at me beseechingly)
Me: (*sighs* walks down to check) Maybe you were poked too long ago la.

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Protected: truth and lies.

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craving schmaving.

One of the more hilarious things that happened today:

Dad: Why this _______ Hotel got no contact number one.
Me: (peering over at the screen) That’s cause you’re not on the hotel’s official website. Look for “Contact Us” on the hotel homepage.
Dad: Oh so I just type in “”? Wah that’s quite smart.
-stunned silence-

I was not so satisfied with my bubble tea today. Meh. Starting to agree with the world that Koi is overrated. The only part I really like about it is that you can choose the amount of sugar that goes in. Otherwise the small pearls are kinda annoying for bracefaces like me. It gets stuck all the time!

And my oh my, just as I was complaining of the lack of ___________, in ___________ pops. WOOHOO!

Today was overall a good day. Despite the fact that I forgot to bring my glasses and was squinting at the screen all day long. My left eye feels overtaxed and my right eye went on holiday. =.=

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slow it down

Yesterday night was a beautifully cool and breezy one. Dad and I sat on the patio (if you could call it that? it makes my house sound enormously large and atas when it’s not HAHA) and had a lovely chat whilst sipping green tea. Topsy hobbled his way out to join us too!

These are the times I love. :)


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this must be noted down.

Dad, aforementioned Supreme Hater of All Things Cutesy, is presently watching Tom & Jerry. Of his own accord!!

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home is my amusement park

1. DAD, Supreme Hater Of All Things Cutesy, refused to let me switch away from Disney Channel today, which was showing Skyrunners.
-cue fainting-

2. Boiled Egg Indicator
Me: I’m gonna get ice cream. You want?
Mom:  No, but help me check if my eggs have boiled.
Me: OK!
-saunters to kitchen-
Me: (belatedly) Wait, how do I check if your eggs have boiled?!

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healthy cereal.

Mom: (peering anxiously at the cereal box) How do you check how this cereal is made?
Me: Huh? Why do you need to know?
Mom: (in all seriousness) I want to make sure this cereal is not deep-fried.
Me: (dying of laughter) Mom, if the cereal was deep fried, you’d see oil floating around in the milk!!!


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my fascinating mother.

When watching Beyonce’s “I Am… Yours” promo ad, which included a clip of Beyonce and her backup dancers shaking their booty in Single Ladies,  she remarked, “Wah. I never thought I’d live to see the day when people wear swimsuits to dance on stage.

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not so stupid cupid

Mom gave me this for Valentine’s Day!! I squealed so loudly my dad heard me through a closed door all the way downstairs. HAHA.

Gives me more reason to step up the weight loss thing. A bag this pretty should not have a fugly owner. Grins.

And Dad sent Mom and I flowers! :D Quite awesome ones too.

Aren’t they pretty? :D


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Today was a day of classics.
Makes up for all the rubbish of this week. =)

Me: I met Cousin at Womad ytd. She was selling Heineken. Hahaha.
Mom: Huh? I thought Heineken is auntie sell one. Why she go and sell?
Me: Mom. Womad leh. Not kopitiam.

Ryn and Froggie love.
The ten minutes on the roof of the Esplanade, Bakerzin, xiaolongbaos, and finally Starbucks.
Deep discussions of what should be and what shouldn’t, and valiant efforts to speak bad English.

I feel very loved. =)


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