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le classique.

Yesterday at Mac’s with Pigs produced a CLASSIC Lydia-Rachel moment.

The Scenario: We’re sitting opposite each other, and there’s a glass wall next to our table. You know how Macs always uses glass walls. And their Happy Meal toy display is attached to the glass wall somewhere in the region of Pig’s head.

Pig (looking at the Happy Meal toys): The toys these days not cute one.
Me (staring out the glass wall): Where?
Pig: Huh? There la?
Me (trying my utmost best to locate said toy outside Macs): Where?!


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I try so hard to tell myself that you’re gone
And though you’re still with me,
I’ve been alone all along.

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happily melancholic.

There’s a mix of happy and melancholy whirling around in my soul.
It’s a nice feeling, strangely.
It’s the feeling of balance, and of acceptance, that nothing can ever be perfect as is, and that the imperfect can only be made perfect by acceptance of imperfections.
Perfection in imperfection.

Perhaps that’s why Christmas this year was so perfect.
I had no expectations, didn’t try to orchestrate anything, and just took things as they came, riding wave after wave.
Waves bring you safely to the shore when you don’t try to fight it eh?

Let conscience be your guide.

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merry merry christmas!

Santa Claus is coming to town.
He’s making a list, and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice.
Santa Claus is coming to town. ;)

Like Father B said, that song is really quite creepy when u think about it. Lols.

Randomly, does anyone know the title of the song that goes something like
Are you going to die?
If I die become butterfly

It’s some cheenapok thing. I want to use it as my handphone ringtone. HEH.

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eleven days.

only ELEVEN days to Christmas, and I’ve barely started my Christmas shopping!

-screams and runs around in circles-

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missy shakespeare.

My milkshake bringeth all ye gentlefolk to the yard
They attest, it’s better than thine
Verily, it’s better than thine
I could teach thee
But I must levy a fee


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mah cuzzin.

He be flyin.

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I met an angmoh from NZ who knows more Chinese songs and can read Chinese faster than I can.

O shite.


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happy birthday to me.

Today was yay. =)

Thank you, everyone who came, and those who remembered.
You made me feel very loved.

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Today was a happy day.

Had a long lunch with Sangi at Bakerzin – where we had a super orgasmic bread n butter pudding and yummy pasta.
Not forgetting the excellent company. ;)

And then met Mom for dinner at Morton’s.
Their service is pretty good.
Foodwise I think it’s good, the fact that I actually ate the steak when I’m not a beef person says quite a lot right.
They even printed a specialised menu for me. Hee.
If I knew I’d have insisted on going tomorrow so it would have said 5 Dec 2007 instead of 4th.

Happy happy happy.

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