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road rage.

This angmoh arsehole pointed a middle finger at me near Marina Square today. 

I was turning out of the carpark and I kept to my lane. 
Idiot. I could have sworn my lane was empty except for one van which was FAR BEHIND. 

People who cut into others’ lanes have no right to point middle fingers at other people.
Actually no one has any right to point middle fingers at anyone.

I would have dearly loved to roll over the rude piece of scooter-riding schmuck and probably reverse over him a few times for good measure, but I did not. 
I didn’t even curse in my car.

I feel proud of myself.
Just because you can do something does not mean you SHOULD.

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Everytime I make an effort to wake up earlier, I always end up in school later. =p

It’s so loserish.

A great case in point: today. 
I woke at 9am. Lect’s at 10.30.
So I thought to myself, yayness, I actually have fifty minutes to prepare!
But somehow, I never realise that 20min more isn’t really all that substantial.
Especially when I’m slowly going through the morning ablutions instead of rushing through them at top speed like I do when I’m late.

And, for some strange reason, at 10am, I was thinking to myself, ahhhh. I’m early. If I leave at 10.15 I’ll still be early for school!
Then it struck me at 10.08am. LECTURE IS AT 10.30.

Which meant I was going to be damnbloodylate.

My only consolation was that I was only 7min late for lecture. =p
Yay driving.

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Someone left a note on my car today fining me for wearing an outfit that matched my P plate.
And I still dunno who left it there!!!

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Despite the fact that I pumped full-tank on Sunday, I HAVE ALREADY USED UP HALF A TANK OF PETROL.
And it’s only WEDNESDAY.


I think I should ease up on the accelerator.


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