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Krabi itself, and Pakbia Island

Lading Island and Hong Island

I wanted to get a jumpshot at every island, and I did! :D Yay! Decided to post them here instead of on Facebook. =.= Fatness is not something I wish to share on a Facebook feed.


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back from krabi.

7 Things

1. The WTF Tiger Airways announcements on the flight back
“Welcome aboard flight TR21XX bound for Kuala Lumpur. (Us: WHUH?) I’m just kidding! We’re bound for Singapore. I just wanted to get your attention.”
“Please note that you may only sit on unoccupied seats. Sitting on other people is not allowed… unless you are less than 2 years old.”
“As we are now preparing for landing, all mobile devices must now be switched off. We don’t want to end up in Kuala Lumpur, now, do we?”

2. The Tsunami Warning Exercise
Quite hilarious really. No one was taking it seriously, because only the hotel staff were involved. Some German tourists (who prolly just checked in that day) hastily got out of the sea upon hearing the “Achtung! Achtung!” however. Hahahaha. The rest of us just continued lazing by the beach, having been informed by the hotel to ignore all warnings.

3. Cute Japanese families!!!
There were 3 of them holidaying together and their kids were so adorable!! Japanese children somehow always manage to be the cutest of the lot. There were many cries of “Yamenasai!” from the mothers (who, by the way, never wore swimsuits or swam; they were always in shorts and a flowy, flowery top + sunhat).

4. Screaming children
Many, MANY screaming children on both flights. Dad looked a bit frazzled when we got off the plane. Hahaha. Surprisingly I wasn’t really bothered by them. I suspect Mother Nature made us this way – to be more tolerant or oblivious to screaming children as we hit the peak of our child-bearing years and the likelihood of us actually having to deal with screaming tots of our own increases. Nodnod. Viva la nature! I even made friends with a little Indian girl named Katya, and helped her with her seashell finding quest. She’s adorable!

5. The beautiful beaches!
OK, still not the most beautiful sand or water I’ve seen – Cebu still takes the cake in that respect – but the landscape is beautiful! Swimming in lagoons surrounded by green-topped limestone cliffs is the stuff dreams are made of. We went island hopping on the third day, and the most beautiful island by far is Hong Island (Koh Hong). But the water’s so clean that the ecosystem is totally intact and there are gross disgusting FISH in the water. EURGH. There are cute crabs on the rocks too!

Hong Island!

6. The Food…
There were hits and misses.
The Hits – Lae Lay Grill was awesome. Rather pricey, but extremely fine Thai food (OK la my idea of fine and your idea of fine prolly not the same, I’m a peasant at heart and dislike Michelin-starred food). LOVED the Grilled Sea Bass!! And the Krabi Town Night Market street food was AMAZING!! I had the most authentic Basil Chicken Rice ever! And delectable pork skewers, bamboo rice, some kind of curry chicken with yellow rice, this amazing fried chicken drumstick that was so tender, juicy and flavorful that we all had seconds, and this strange but very tasty fried corn in flour. Tastes a bit like Indonesian tempei, but not exactly. Not forgetting these quail eggs that they fried in the takoyaki griddle! The eggs were then spritzed with soy sauce (using that thing people normally use for spritzing clothes with water whilst ironing – what’s that called?) and peppered liberally. YUM 100%!
Didn’t like the hotel food so much, or the food at the restaurants near the hotel. STREET FOOD IS THE BEST! Told you I’m a peasant. ;p

Basil chicken rice

Curry chicken with yellow rice (my fave!!)

This is how they fry the quail’s eggs!

The final product

7. The Phone
For the first time in my life, I came close to losing my phone. I have never lost a phone or a wallet. EVER. Was feeling rather vague today and left my phone in one of the hotel’s toilets after lunch. Thankfully, at the airport, I decided on a whim to check for it and discovered its absence. Called the hotel subsequently and they sent it to the airport via taxi. :) THANK YOU, you honest Sheraton staff, I will be writing you a very profuse letter of thanks in the very near future!


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accumulating emo.

(Picture credits: Angelreich; DeviantArt)

There are so many things to deal with right now. I don’t like having so many things to deal with. I don’t like having to deal with whether or not to deal with things that someone else is telling me to go poke my nose into but my newfound curb-thy-inner-mother-hen senses are screaming at me not to.

But there’s one thing to be grateful for at least. Japan is finally settled and I can throw it into the closet until May! Hmm. Actually, not so. I still need to buy the Rail Passes.

But in all times of distress, doubt and helplessness, one turns to God, and in God one always finds the answer. There is really nothing that can compare to sitting in quiet contemplation with the rosary in hand.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

Pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death.

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Japan is definitely proving to be very troublesome. Or rather, HostelWorld is proving to be extremely troublesome. I would like to wring its creator by the neck. 3 of 3 accomodations booked through it have required fancy footwork on my part. UGH. Long story.

Reunion dinner today was plain dysfunctional. Well, not all of it. Just the part that I was involved with. I was too tired and headachey to do anything about No. 3’s situation. You know how when things are not OK but people just pretend that they’re OK and continue playing with nephews etc as usual?
なんとかむかつくわ。 でもわたしのかぞくに こんなことはいつものちょうしだ。

Good night world. I trust you’ll be a nicer place tomorrow.

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shanghai & hk in seven.

1. The Food
Shanghainese food was AWESOME . The xiaolongbaos were the best I’ve ever eaten, and the guoties (gyoza for the Japanese-eating folk) had soup in them!! Kinda like a panfried xiaolongbao, but the soup and the meat taste different from that in the xiaolongbao. In Singapore both pretty much taste the same, and the guoties are dry. I highly recommend Xiao Nan Guo (小南国) on Donghu Road (I think? Or else it’s the road between Donghu Road and Fenyang Road) and Su Zhe Hui (苏浙汇) on Maoming Road. Su Zhe Hui is written in old Chinese. The English name is Jade Restaurant (lol no link right?!). The Scallion Oil noodles are also a must try, especially at Xiao Nan Guo!!! 
HK food wasn’t all that awesome. Not that it wasn’t good – it was, but we can get similar food at a similar standard in Singapore. The shaola is AWESOME however!! And so is their beef soup he fen!! And let’s not forget Yung Kee’s pae dan. YUMMM.

2. The Sights
In terms of physical scenery, China won hands down. Mom and I took tours to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Zhou Zhuang. They say 上有天堂,下有苏杭, but for me Zhou Zhuang took the cake! The Venice of the Orient is truly beautiful, and seems more unspoilt than Venice itself. The latter seems to have become a bit too commercialised – I mean, they don’t even use their waterways for transportation anymore, and there are tourist traps at every corner. In Zhou Zhuang, you really get to see the farmers ferrying their vegetables on the canals, the old-school fishing nets they use to catch fish to eat, and women washing their clothes in the canal. It’s really lovely. The bridges and cobblestones are all the original ones too – it was truly a trip back in time!
The human scenery, however, was much better in HK. Mwahahahaha. Every trip on the MTR was a visual feast. The girls and boys in HK really know how to dress and carry themselves well.

3. Cameras
I lost my camera in Shanghai!! I don’t even know HOW it happened. After dinner at 1221 – don’t go there btw, food’s expensive and nowhere near Xiao Nan Guo or Su Zhe Hui’s standard – I thought I remembered putting it in my bag, but I must have left it on the taxi. BLARGH!

4. Spitting
The people in Shanghai REALLY spit all over the place. Wear covered shoes when you walk around there.

5. Shopping
Shanghai shopping isn’t great. The layout of the shops is very bad, for one thing, and the international brands are more expensive there than in Singapore. Local Chinese fashion isn’t really what the average Singaporean would wear either. The local boutiques along Changle Road are a little more in keeping with Singaporean tastes, but they’re extremely spaced out along the road – which means you may have to walk quite a distance past karaoke bars and such before coming to the next 10 small boutiques. And they’re not cheap either. Expect to pay the same price as the pricier boutiques in FEP (think Black Clover). Dresses average 60-80 bucks per piece!
Hong Kong shopping is FABULOUS, however! I didn’t manage to go to the local boutiques along Fa Yuen Goi – spent 2 days doing outlet shopping and 1 day dashing around Causeway Bay and IFC to check out international brands that were unavailable in Singapore or were on sale. Zara and Mango seem to have a slightly different (and better) range there. I saw the most AWESOME pair of Louboutins in Citygate outlet mall, but sadly they weren’t on sale!!! Way too pricey for me. Mom agreed they were probably the most awesome pair of heels she’s ever seen too! Beware of shopping branded in IFC before checking out outlet malls however! The same range of Kate Spade that was on sale in the outlet malls was selling at full price in IFC.

6. The Elusiveness of Delifrance
I spent 1h trying to track down Delifrance in Times Square. Hahahaha! I wanted to see if they had the Ham Cheese Croissant that seems to have become extinct in Singapore. I didn’t find it, however. ;p The unit number is B225A. I think I was wandering around the wrong level actually, come to think of it. I’m always very disoriented in places that have Level G as well as Level 1.

7. Egg tarts!!
Lord Stow’s egg tarts from the Excelsior Bakery claim to hail from Macau and they are AWESOMELY lovely. The egg custard melts in your mouth! yum!!

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walk like an egyptian.

1. Camels are smelly creatures that make strange noises when you sit on them.

It’s much, much higher and scarier than it looks. They look so cute and romantic in movies but they’re totally unfriendly in real life. Hmpf.

2. Ice cream at tourist hotspots cost 4 (freaking) USD!

But it was goooood. Got this particular ice cream from the Luxor Temple.

3. Egyptian fare is pretty damn good!

Which was way better than the pseudo-Chinese fare they served on Day 7 that gave practically the entire tour group diarrhoea.

4. Visiting my friend Tutankhamun.

A most hospitable chap, I must say. Greatly recommended. Lovely interior furnishings and all.

5. Crazy salespeople dudes who yell VERY CHEAP ONLY FIFTY POUND FIFTY POUND! and throw things at your cruise ship window when they see u peer out to observe the commotion.

I didn’t buy anything. Wahahaha.

6. Horse carriages with number plates. Macaim motorcar!


7. Galabaias, and the view from the Nile cruise.

p.s. I wasn’t actually wearing a galabaia. It was some jingly dunnowhatthing that made my brains dissolve every time I jangled. for example of galabaia, pls ref my godma on far left. :D
p.p.s. don’t you think my mom looks like benazir bhutto?!

8. The Egyptian sun

At sunrise…

And sunset.

9. Idyllic felucca rides.


Is be very romanticks one okays. :D

10. And what I liked best about Egypt: goofing around with le famille.

Love. :)


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land of the rising sun.

Pictures finally uploaded!

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