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my amusing father.

Me: Mom actually only needs one chicken drumstick.
Him: Ah, if you give her two, she will eat two. You know her voluptuous appetite for chicken!
Me: Voracious, dad, not voluptuous.

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and dread the day when dreaming ends.

たとえ遠くても、きっとたどりつける。。。 強く信じてた。

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wrongness. this is it.

My best friend is the proud author of the following children’s books:

Wake up, Dick!
Dick makes headway
Dick gets himself into a tight spot
Dick is in a hard place
Dick has a bumpy ride
Come, Dick, come!


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some classics from today.

On the topic of lawyers with panda eyes:

J: It’s a phenomenon when pple get too rich.
Me: Huh?
J: When pple are rich, they buy handbags, shoulder bags… and eye bags!
JQ: It’s the latest product from Apple – the iBag. 


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I remembered something random Caits said to me as I was browsing the old entries on a blog.

“There’s something for everyone!”

Which is so true. I wonder if I have something for everyone. LOL.
(I don’t think so!)

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“Sex is a spiritual experience linking two people. We should therefore be more spiritual and have more spiritual experiences with as many people as possible.”

Going out with Mr S is always so entertaining.

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penny for your thoughts?

“Hitherto a man’s untold thoughts have been regarded to be of a merely nominal value, and the offers generally made for them certainly do not represent large sums of money. “

– Lord James of Hereford

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