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1. Wakeboarding. The feeling is frigging awesome. It’s the closest I can get to the rush of skiing or snowmobiling in sultry Singapore.

Photo courtesy of the very expert WJ, who was leaping around the waves like some water ninja. WJ u were awsumpossumz.

2. Name on door. I haz achieved it. HAHAHA.

I know it’s a very matter-of-course thing to have our name on the door, but IT MAKES ME EXCITED NONETHELESS.

Yesyes I am quite the idiot. I however remain wholly unapologetic for my idiocy. :D


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For not having to work away my weekend.

For a lovely Friday evening out with C and LL, the former of whom dragged herself out despite feeling unwell.

For being able to get the affidavit to court on time.

For the really awesome people in my department without whom the affidavit would not have made it to court on time.

For the really nice Associate.

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Back to the grind tomorrow.

Dare I say, I’m actually looking forward to it? :x

The gathering today was awesome. Thank you everyone who came! :) Especially to JB who came early to help set up. And to C for getting the Yusheng.

We should do another one next week just to finish the leftover ingredients. LOL.

I would like to always remember this yusheng moment:

Me: “Let’s shout more Hokkien things leh!”
PY: “Huat ar!”
Me: “Ho seh ah!”
S: “Wah lao eh!” (throws yusheng)
S: “Wah piang eh!” (throws yusheng)
S: “Lao bu ah!” (throws yusheng)
S: “Lao peh ah!” (throws yusheng)

Other things that were hot on the yusheng shouting menu:

“Retention please!”
“No long hours please!”
“Go home by 6 please!”
“Girlfriend please! (the chinese version thereof)”

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I think the bosses are kinda gearing down too.

This I-don’t-need-to-bring-work-home feeling is quite new and is quite awesome.

But I think I better not get used to it. HAHAHA.

My life is as close to perfect as it can possibly be in the circumstances right now.

Thank you God.

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it’s a keeper.

Ah. C was right. Two words made it all better. :)

And, the weekend proved to me how much I love this area of law.

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phew 100%.

I want to take this moment to remember the huge squeal of relief I emitted when I found out that I passed the Bar Exam.

So if I ever start being cocky about how “easy” the bar exams were, someone please smack me.

Because I did not find them easy. I even kept all the hard copy printouts of the notes (usually I throw them away immediately after an exam) because I was afraid I might be on the CP list.

So, thank you God; thank you my Awesome Study Group, the notes we put together were really amazing; and thank you Mom, for praying for me.

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and i owe it all to you.

LL’s msn status reads “THE DECEMBER OF MY LIFE!” and I cannot agree more. Freedom tastes so sweet because you know you aren’t going to have this luxury of rubber time for a good many months to come.

To just sit around in ECP waiting for friends for 3h just because you can is pure LUXURY. So is gorging ourselves on steak sandwiches at the Morton’s bar. Sigh. I don’t want December to end!

I haven’t blogged about my birthday, I know. I had some very pleasant surprises and am totally zen about the less pleasant aspects. I’m very touched to have such awesome friends and family. I love you people. Mwaaaaah.

My mosquito bites are really shitting itchy. Mopiko is a lie.

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