Back to the grind tomorrow.

Dare I say, I’m actually looking forward to it? :x

The gathering today was awesome. Thank you everyone who came! :) Especially to JB who came early to help set up. And to C for getting the Yusheng.

We should do another one next week just to finish the leftover ingredients. LOL.

I would like to always remember this yusheng moment:

Me: “Let’s shout more Hokkien things leh!”
PY: “Huat ar!”
Me: “Ho seh ah!”
S: “Wah lao eh!” (throws yusheng)
S: “Wah piang eh!” (throws yusheng)
S: “Lao bu ah!” (throws yusheng)
S: “Lao peh ah!” (throws yusheng)

Other things that were hot on the yusheng shouting menu:

“Retention please!”
“No long hours please!”
“Go home by 6 please!”
“Girlfriend please! (the chinese version thereof)”

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