So I have found new reason to post again here. The last year – 2012 – really flew by like the wind and I feel like I don’t remember it at all. Working life is scary in that you live for your next deadline, and every day is just an endless succession of files that your mind focuses on systematically, one after another. There’s hardly any time to take it all in. I am starting to understand very well the Tolstoyan complaint regarding city dwellers. We think we’re oh so sophisticated when our minds are screaming with noise and lacking the quietness of original thought. Sigh. Such is life isn’t it.

Anyway. I returned from Norway on the 1st day of CNY. The Mother, the Aunt and I went to catch the northern lights. God it was cold. Not as bad as Finland because of the Gulf Current, but still! The northern lights were worth it though. So was playing with the wolves and the arctic foxes at the Polar Zoo. Even though it did cost us the equivalent of a round trip plane ticket to London in total =.=

I’m feeling a little inadequate at work these days. I can’t seem to handle as much as I used to, and I keep getting headaches. Granted it’s the jet lag right now, but I really hope it passes soon

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