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the happy days.

I feel like I’ve been doing everything wrong.

Everything is making a mad dash downhill and I’m being dragged along with it.

I want to get away.

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guilt-free pass.

I’m a gigantic sucker for happily-ever-after true-love-prevails movies.
Stumbled across American Pie 5 just now on HBO. Grins. Not your typical true-love-prevails movie, but they did live happily ever after.

Unfortch, I also cannot help but notice that the girl involved in these happily-ever-after sitches tends to be tall and skinny with perfect skin. Humph.
Life is unfair.

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Frisbee was not as xiasuay as bowling, but I still felt pretty useless on the field. 
Run here run there and never catch properly. Oops.

I quote Amanda See, I aim to be less unglam.

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I just HAD to do something stupid.
After making up my mind to attend CG faithfully this year and even signing up to be a CGL, I HAD to change my TG slot to the one that clashes with CG!!!!!

I should have stuck to the morning slot and figured a way around it.

Sheesh. This is why you should ALWAYS pray about a problem no matter how far removed you think it is from God. GRRRRRRRRRR.

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it’s all in the aesthetic.

Watching men’s gymnastics only reaffirms my view that men look better hairless. :)

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grr bah go away.

I’m feeling emo and irritated with myself for a multitude of reasons.
Or, it could just be the medicine playing tricks on my brain. 

How many times till u say it right?


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