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the happy days.

I feel like I’ve been doing everything wrong.

Everything is making a mad dash downhill and I’m being dragged along with it.

I want to get away.

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guilt-free pass.

I’m a gigantic sucker for happily-ever-after true-love-prevails movies.
Stumbled across American Pie 5 just now on HBO. Grins. Not your typical true-love-prevails movie, but they did live happily ever after.

Unfortch, I also cannot help but notice that the girl involved in these happily-ever-after sitches tends to be tall and skinny with perfect skin. Humph.
Life is unfair.

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Frisbee was not as xiasuay as bowling, but I still felt pretty useless on the field. 
Run here run there and never catch properly. Oops.

I quote Amanda See, I aim to be less unglam.

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I just HAD to do something stupid.
After making up my mind to attend CG faithfully this year and even signing up to be a CGL, I HAD to change my TG slot to the one that clashes with CG!!!!!

I should have stuck to the morning slot and figured a way around it.

Sheesh. This is why you should ALWAYS pray about a problem no matter how far removed you think it is from God. GRRRRRRRRRR.

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it’s all in the aesthetic.

Watching men’s gymnastics only reaffirms my view that men look better hairless. :)

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grr bah go away.

I’m feeling emo and irritated with myself for a multitude of reasons.
Or, it could just be the medicine playing tricks on my brain. 

How many times till u say it right?


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It’s only the fourth day of the first week of school and I feel like I’ve been here 400 days.

I frigging have a backlog!!! 
This is so not happening!!!!

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I am extremely put out with Sembcorp Parking.
They deleted my cute little Knut from their database!!!!!
The strangest thing is that my mom’s car, which I drove like 2 semesters ago, is still registered.

BAHH humbug.
Paid 9.22 for parking today!!!!! :(

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where have my holidays gone!

I am staring YEAR THREE full in the face.
Time flies when you’re stressed too. Two more years and we’ll be out in the big bad world, yay us.
I don’t want to move back in time, but neither do I want to move forward.
Lock me in stasis, embalmed in plastic for now.
I’d like to watch the world go by in mute, just for a little while. 

Zzz. I’m tired and I’m not thinking straight.
Damn upset with myself for losing my second piece of Japanese clothing on holiday!!!! I’m never bringing them overseas again. BAH.  
And there’s add-drop stuff to do. BOO. So messy.
But, ALSA was fun. :) Got to meet lots of great new people and eat lots of yummy Thai food. Other things were yummy as well. Grins.

I wanna sit at my reflection spot and listen to the breaking waves.


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