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[Yesterday night]

Mom: (watching me clean my retainers with a toothbrush and dishwashing liquid) “Why you use MaMa Lemon on them? Shouldn’t you use toothpaste instead?”


[Before tutorials ended]

LL: “Doctors are like clothes. The more you try on, the better.”


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yeah right.

The following visual image is screencapped from a popup ad which this writer found exceedingly hilarious:

In other news, this writer got absolutely no work done today and has just consumed 200g of thinly sliced Virginia Ham with a tablespoon of white truffle oil and 2 slices of Emmental cheese AND polished off 14 Lindt Swiss Thins.

When feeling insecure, COMFORT FOOD FTW!

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this is why we love her.

At dessert today.

[With respect to the fact that dogs of the same litter mate with each other]
LL: (wide-eyed horror) “You mean dogs don’t have a concept of incest?!?!?!”

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you know you should sleep earlier when…

Your dog reacts with a start and gives you an utterly perplexed “Am I dreaming?” look when you walk down the stairs at 8am.

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this amused me very much.

So much, in fact, that I nearly rolled off the bed laughing this afternoon (when I woke up).

Her: Fwah done done? [reference to our assignment]
Her: You were awake at 5.20am!
Her: Siaoooo
Me: Hahahh yes done! :D I finished at precisely that time. How come u know I was awake?
Her: Stalk you! I am the cockroach in your room!

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lovely crazy people.

Me: “Faster upload your pictures please. I want to see!”
Him: “I am a busy man, Rachel. I need to hunt mice.”

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Him: “Your heels today are so high, I thought you were levitating”


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