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my life right now.

Wake up
Pass out upon realising the amount of work I need to complete
Wake up
Pass out
Wake up
Pass out


How’s that for Halloween.

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Check out this video about Oprah interviewing the families of the FLDS polygamous ranch.

I first knew of this Oprah interview from adverts on Hallmark channel, and at first I was quite horrified by the snippets I saw. But after watching this video, I’m not too sure. Not the polygamy part, but their way of life. It’s an ethically and morally sound way of life – not to mention nutritionally sound. I mean, they produce their own cheese, meat, vegetables etc! I think when we’ve all died from the heretofore unknown effects of GE food and artificial flavouring (maybe that’s the Apocalypse, you know, instead of a great big divine BOOM it’s a slow, self-inflicted genetic disaster that creeps up on us like a thief in the night. grins.). Their children are taught important virtues like sharing, and the value of hard work. They’re shielded also from the materialism and narcissism that characterises today’s world. Take this mother’s comments on the time their children were removed from their custody and placed with foster parents:

One mother said her children “had so many toys thrown at them. Toys tend to teach children to be selfish. We make it real and useful to them. Gloria loves to do the dishes. If you cultivate that, then they’re happy.

Okay, maybe the causal connection’s a little screwed, but can you name me one kid in mainstream society who “loves to do the dishes”?! I sure as hell do not! Their way of life seems to hark back to the heroic ages, and it’s moving, somehow. It’s so far removed from the me-me-me mentality so rampant in society today that it’s appealing.

If I had to choose between letting my kid grow up in mainstream New York versus this ranch (minus the polygamy, which might work for them but certainly won’t work for me), I’m not sure that mainstream New York would be the obvious choice. I’m not a fan of the steady diet of gospel music or lack of fashion (I must admit fashion is one of the greatest vices in the world today, however), but I’m also not sold on the insatiable, narcissistic mainstream society that capitalises on vice and is driven by the most base and banal urges of human nature.


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i quote, “shingz”.

I just watched a bit of of Polo Boys (my mom recorded it).

My goodness. It was incredibly painful to watch. The acting was so stiff! The best acts were Michelle Chia and Adrian Pang (duhhhhh). The rest all sounded like they were giving a speech, their lines were delivered so formally! Even the prospect of eye candy couldn’t stop me from turning the telly off with a groan after 8 minutes.

I have pretty much the same complaint with First Class – especially the kids, my gawd, stiff as a board! Madeline Zima gave a much more convincing performance at a much younger age! I think the problem with Singapore is, the good English-speaking actors are all in theatre.

Wait, did I say problem? Scratch that. It’s a good thing. Theatre’s way more enjoyable than TV. ;p

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style icon.

You people are going to think I’m nuts, but I really like Katy Perry’s style! She can make the cutesy primary colours thing work without looking trashy. Sure she’s had a few faux pas, but who hasn’t? ;p

katy-perry-fashion-7Love the shoes. And the dress is to die for.

katy_perry02Of course, you also need a 20-inch waist to pull off this outfit… :(

katy-perry-vma-bIgnore the deranged look in her eyes. I ADORE this outfit. Minus the weird hairband. The quirky necklace, kiddy-ish dress and primary colours theme is awesome!!!

Yes feel free to screech “OMG RACHEL ARE U INSANE?!” now. My earplugs are in with Starstrukk playing at full blast! :D

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sleep is bliss.

I’m beginning to suspect that one of my ancient ancestors suffered from narcolepsy.

Nothing else could possibly explain why my eyes still feel like shutting after sleeping 9h last night and 2h just now.

And exams are COMING. Halp? Plz?

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I am waddling around the house today after yesterday’s tennis session; such is the extent of my muscle ache. Add on a huge blister spanning the sole of my heel (there are two more blisters on the back of my foot, but that doesn’t really impede walking; it just makes me squeal like a stuck pig the moment I get into the shower) and you have a fairly immobile me.

I know now how old men feel, and why they feel the need to grunt each time they stand up or sink down into a chair. I am now also aware of the utility of a walking stick (not that I have used one. I have merely gained insight into how it helps old men.)

Okay I need to be more fit. And lose like 10kg before Bali or else
(a) the plane will not be able to take off
(b) we will have to pay extra at the villa because my exuberant cannonball jump emptied the pool of water
(c) FY will have to sleep on me and not next to me

Barharhar. Once I am able to walk instead of waddle I will be exercising! Be afraid, gelatinous-mass-that-is-my-fats! Thou wilt soon be vanquished!


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in a :) mood today.

1. Magnum Minis in the fridge

2. I actually managed to sit down and do some IP notes today (not much, but better than the past few days HAHA)

3. Tennis with Mr Mercedes

4. Cartel’s menu has improved a LOT

5. Coffee Club’s mudpie is surprisingly nice

6. At Haagen Dazs: “$8.90 per scoop of ice cream?! WahLAU I tell you even Kwek Leng Beng won’t pay la!”

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holiday mood during mugging season.

I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I cannot wait for Bali I CANNOT WAIT FOR BALI & FOR EXAMS TO BE OVER!


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speaks for itself.


(screencap from today’s IP e-learning chatroom lecture)

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