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rocks and other hard places.

The coming elections are making me a little antsy. I’m only 23, and I’m not really sure if I have the kind of maturity necessary to make an informed decision about the future of my country.

There’s so much debate raging online between supporters of the Opposition and those of the PAP, and I don’t really know what to think. I don’t like the Opposition because their policies don’t make sense. It seems quite clear (to me, at least) that the Opposition’s policies are not sustainable. About the only “alternative solution” I agree with is the one about medical insurance. On the other hand, the PAP really is getting very complacent, and their new guard has no heart. They don’t come across as sincere or committed. The most worrying addition is the one that doesn’t seem to have half a brain. I always had great faith in PAP candidates, but this round of new additions has shaken that faith severely. What’s worse, the PAP isn’t admitting that they made a mistake with the Brainless One. If they would drop the Brainless One and say, sorry, we made a mistake, I’d think much better of them.

Sigh. I really don’t know what to do with my poll card. Initially, I was quite excited about voting, but now I feel it’s a heavy burden that I’m not sure I want to ┬ábear. I don’t like the PAP’s attitude, but I like their policies. I don’t like the WP’s policies, but their passion is very heartening. What now? :(


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ruminations from finland.

There is definitely something about city life that drives me crazy. I used to think I was a city girl through and through, but after Finland, I’m not so sure any more. In the city there are always so many things that need to be done – so many things that are unimportant when you look back at them a few months or years down the road. So much time wasted on little trivialities that mean little in the long run. So many snap judgments made, most of all, perhaps most damaging of all, about people, that affects the way we view and treat people. We cityfolk think we’ve got it all down pat, when it’s really those living a simpler, slower life who should be scoffing at the meaningless rush of us cityfolk.

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it tears me up, i try to hold on

Oh, what are we doing? We are turning into dust,
Playing house in the ruins of us…

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dreaming of you, tonight.

I had the weirdest dream yesterday night. I blame it on the meds.

However it was a nice weird dream, in that it started out horrifying (bordering on nightmarish) but turned out well.

So anyway, this was the dream:

I went to Africa, and on the trip there I saw the cutest little animals that looked like cats. The females were pure white, kitten-sized little things and the males were about the size of an Alsatian, with grey stripes like a tiger. I fell in love with them and bought 3 females and one male. I can’t remember the name of the breed (it was some queer long name) but I do remember that I unimaginatively named the male Tiger, and the three females Kitty, Canon and Cuddles.

Fast forward past quarantine and all that crap. I was playing with them in my room and decided to pick Cuddles (the most docile of the three) up. She made a dissatisfied little sound and, lo and behold, extended (more like distended, actually) her jaws wide and revealed a gleaming mouthful of needle-sharp little teeth!! Two rows of such teeth, in fact, rather like a shark.  Just then, Tiger yawned, displaying a proportionately large set of similar teeth! I freaked out, dropped Cuddles and fled from the room, but not before shutting the door (firmly) behind me.

A call to the African dealer revealed that these cats were not ordinary cats, but cats bred to have a similar function to guard dogs. The dealer also told me that their fangs were mildly venomous. Needless to say, I shrieked all sorts of ballistic.

Anyway, I’m going to cut the narration short because I need to heed Crim Pro’s seductive call. I end up bonding with the kitties and, as promised by the dealer, they made excellent guardcats. My alarm went off just as my dream self was about to go to sleep with Cuddles in her bed.

They were SO cute. Hope I see them again in my sleep tonight. HAHA.

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zip it.

Okay, so my brain didn’t go zipzipzip today.

It just went zip.

That’s better than going mweh, considering my still-heavily-medicated state.

Well, fingers toes eyes legs and arms crossed for a pass!

Now I’m going to sleep. Just took some superstrong meds (in the doctor’s words). HAHA.

And THANK GOD, I only lost my voice after it was all over.

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