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i’m going crazy.

With what, you ask?


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what are you?

I just got my mom to take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Grins.

Also known as the KTS-II.
She’s an ISTJ (Guardian Inspector). I’m an INFJ (Idealist Counsellor). That would explain our differences in life philosophy. ;)


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Kick me somebody.Cannot procrastinate already!!!!


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i am posting way too many of these.

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this makes my day.

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If Singlish is English as it is broken, then Lolspeak is English as it is mangled. :D

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reasons why you should buy a mac, #1.

It lives even after it’s been swimming.


Okay, not swimming.
Quite a bit of water fell on my Mac today and it’s ALIVE!!!!
Functioning as per normal heh!
-happy dance-

Compare that to my lousy Acer which died when THREE drops of water fell on the keyboard.

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so. very. PRETTY.

The Prada Fairy Bag.
Fat hope. :p 


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I can’t sleep.

I don’t feel like going to school tomorrow. Pffft.
Okay starting tomorrow I am going to disconnect head from heart.
Now to find the plug.

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no man’s land.

I was reading my old stuff today – stuff I wrote before law school happened.

It’s so different.

Well the one thing that’s improved is that I think through my theories more carefully now and am more coherent with moral theories blahblah. Not that I really need that to write what I’m writing.
But the poetickish lilt I used to have is gone. Everything is shorter, sharper, cleaner.
Where’s the grandiose verbosity gone to!!!
As is is not beautiful or poetic or evocative at all!
I also lost my ability to use complex chronology coherently. Really quite pissed about that. 
It feels horrible when you realise you don’t know how to write the way you did in Sec 3. Though it does make me realise precisely what I was doing unconsciously back then – and why I got an A for stuff that I thought everyone could do (well i was wrong, i can’t do it anymore; so that excludes me from everyone grsh I’m not making sense anymore.) 
Now I instinctively break things up into headings and subheadings and CRuPAC. And it’s not as if I do it well. Kill me, somebody.

Bah. The nefarious ways in which a law education affects your personal life.
I am going to get back my old writing style this coming hols. GRRRRR. Bring on the self-indoctrination.

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