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Despite the fact that I pumped full-tank on Sunday, I HAVE ALREADY USED UP HALF A TANK OF PETROL.
And it’s only WEDNESDAY.


I think I should ease up on the accelerator.


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The partnership agreement of Rachel & Fungi LLP is set out as follows.

 1. — All files used for the firm’s purposes shall be pink in colour.
2. — All stationery used within the firm’s premises or brought into the firm by its staff must be pink in colour.
3. — The firm’s vehicle shall be a white convertible with pink wheels driven by a very hunky man.

The aftermath of too much Company.


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You know how in a lot of judgments, there’s always one Lord who writes a nice, long, detailed, and for most part incomprehensible explanation on why A should win the case, and the rest kick back their heels and happily agree?
It’s always the same story.
‘My Lords, I have had the advantage of reading the draft of my noble and learned friend, Lord XX. For the reasons that he gives, I would allow the appeal.’

 But how do they decide on the person who writes the draft?

The image of 5 dignified law lords sitting around playing scissors paper stone or ohyahpehyahsom to determine the unlucky chap somehow springs immediately to mind.
“Lord Wilberf****’s turn! Haha! Neh neh ni pu pu!”

Okay sorry very infantile.

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Today was a day of classics.
Makes up for all the rubbish of this week. =)

Me: I met Cousin at Womad ytd. She was selling Heineken. Hahaha.
Mom: Huh? I thought Heineken is auntie sell one. Why she go and sell?
Me: Mom. Womad leh. Not kopitiam.

Ryn and Froggie love.
The ten minutes on the roof of the Esplanade, Bakerzin, xiaolongbaos, and finally Starbucks.
Deep discussions of what should be and what shouldn’t, and valiant efforts to speak bad English.

I feel very loved. =)


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I’m starting to believe that the older you get, the more difficult it is to attain Happy.

I could honestly say that I was a generally happy person back in secondary school.
And perhaps so for JC as well.
But now?
Even on days when I’m not Sad, I’m not sure if I can classify myself as being Happy.

There’s a grey area between Happy and Sad.
And I think that’s where I’d place my own little dot.
In the Grey Oblivion.

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I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever finish property readings.

And Company readings haven’t really kicked in full scale yet.

I also sort of noticed that we don’t have a casebook for anything, which means full cases all the way.

Am I going to die this year?

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Though I’m feeling terrible, I’m not going to make this an emo post.

Hello world.
I hope I’ll have nicer things to share in my next entry.

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