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“Your problem is that you give off the I-Don’t-Need-A-Man vibes.”

“Guys like girls they can protect. You’re not the very protectable kind of girl”

I swear, I’m NOT doing it on purpose!


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reliving my childhood.

I ordered 4 Enid Blyton books!
They should be delivered tomorrow. :x


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no-track mind.

My lack of motivation is increasing.

I find obsessing about skincare so much more fascinating than the pros and cons of mandatory mediation.

Potato salad is also more interesting than the latter. I made it today! I couldn’t find a simple recipe and thus kind of just anyhow whacked. It was nice enough for Mom to request that I make it again tomorrow! :)

Running is yet another activity more exciting than this research paper. Weather was so fantastic today that I did an extra loop around Liria.

Sigh. I am yet another day behind schedule.

There comes a point when one just zones out of panic mode, but with a month left to exams, panic mode is bound to return.

Until then, I shall sing Beyonce’s Halo to my heart’s content.

Baby I can feel your halo,
You know you’re my saving grace

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am getting worried.

My wrist is starting to twinge when I type. It’s been hurting for the past 6 days now.
I think I’d better go see a doctor tomorrow. Don’t really want a repeat of the time when I tore ligaments during TKD, ignored it till 6 months later and as a result took twice the amount of time to heal!!

Plus, the twinging interferes with my train of thought. As such, this journal is progressing at snail’s pace. Rarrr.

In other news, mediation practical went okay, I think. Not fabulously, but at least A didn’t have anything negative to say, which is always a good thing. :) WJ was really great to work with! Which was quite a pleasant surprise, cuz I don’t usually work well with guys. HAHA. Really hope we get a good grade!


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how time flies.

Collegiate Dinner was yesterday.

Dean Tan gave us (very sound) advice about working life, and it really hit home the point that we were LEAVING ACADEMIA FOR GOOD, and going out into the BIG BAD WORLD to fend for ourselves.

I felt quite sad at that point in time, and on the way back from Crystal Jade supper, I remarked, “I feel very sad. We won’t have any more of these nights after we start work.” And although my friends assured me that we would, I somehow feel that things will never again look as bright and happy as the present.

I hate the feeling of closing doors, even though I know new ones open. It feels to me like we close doors faster than we open them.

But enough of this melancholy talk! Collegiate was fun, with awesome performances by my batchmates, and surprisingly nice food! Most important, of course, was the fantastic company. :)

I think I must mention that the unthinkable happened: I won that Dim Sum Dolly award. =.=
My prize was a dim sum long(2). HAHAHA. That was quite hilarious. I was so shocked that I couldn’t move at first. I really (a) was hoping for a nice relaxing evening, especially after having been on edge the whole day about the Mediation practical (b) was convinced Raffli would win, (c) didn’t think they would ask me to sing (especially after eating! What if I burped into the mic omg?!), and have been so stressed that I actually haven’t sung for the past week, (d) was just thinking of going to get another round of potato salad when they announced my name. ;p

But anyway it all went well! I managed to take photos with Profs Arun and Ng-Loy and WMS! I’m really going to miss all my profs. Arun told me the card I gave him was still on his table, and I felt so touched when he said that. And NWL actually remembers Jolin and I! Even though we didn’t say a word in IP! These profs have awesome memories. Caits and I were quite sad TTH wasn’t there though. We’d have loved a picture with him!

I guess at the end of it all, all I can say is: Thank you, everyone, for making law school such a joy these past 4 years. :)


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this must be noted down.

Dad, aforementioned Supreme Hater of All Things Cutesy, is presently watching Tom & Jerry. Of his own accord!!

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I just sold my first ever item on ebay! Whee!!

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