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up, up, up and away!

The deed is done, and I’ve signed my pupillage agreement!

It’s such a great weight off my shoulders, and with one of my first choice firms too. :)

The memories of these two harrowing days – the mad 9am dash to all the firms from the furthest reaches of Raffles Place to the ends of Tanjong Pagar, the quaking knees that knocked together whilst waiting for the first few interviews, the sigh of relief upon receiving the first offer, the exhilaration of more offers, the long and painful deliberation over which firm to accept, and of course, the culmination: acceptance! I went into a super high state when I called up the recruiting partner and said I would accept. Goodness I’m still a bit high now. And rather hoarse from talking so much. ;p Feels (and sounds) like I’m going to get a sore throat. But it was all worth it. :)

I’m looking forward to (finally) getting a good night’s sleep tonight! And possibly curling up with Sherlock Holmes for a bit. Goodness but he’s sexy. XD

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goodness me.

Our grumblings about SMU and internships actually made the news!! Things have been busy whilst I was in Bali!

When I read the article, this really rankled:

SMU’s associate dean of external relations and practice assistant professor of law Rathna Nathan confirmed that all 116 students from its pioneer batch obtained internships during this school vacation from May to this month.

But she denied that the school has arrangements with firms to allocate spots for its students.

‘We would not have been able to place all of our students in internships without our partners, but they also choose students completely based on merit,’ she said.

I find it amazing that SMU’s spokesperson can deny the fact that they reserve places for their students when that was what the SMU students themselves told my friends and I at my last internship! Are they telling their students one thing and the public another?! And it seems that our Dean wasn’t even informed of this reservation scheme! Fair play fail much? If ALL the students got internships how can it POSSIBLY be based on merit?! Unless they don’t grade on a bell curve, which, according to the SMU students, they do.

I don’t really have a quarrel with the reservation thing. They need it to graduate. Fine. I totally understand. Then, in the spirit of goodwill, don’t over-reserve! And for goodness sake be HONEST about the whole affair!! Urgh!

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That’s how many of us were in the lift when it got STUCK. Unlucky number indeed! On my last day of work too!

This is the first time I’ve ever been stuck in a lift. W and K were with me, and FX was in the lift too. K was saying that now we can cross off being stuck in a lift as one of the things to do before kicking the bucket. My reaction was HUH, why would that be on ANYONE’S list of things to do! LOL. Thankfully the lights and fan were still on so it wasn’t really a bad experience. There was a kind of ‘camaraderie in crisis’ thing going on, and this stranger in the lift was giving me advice about Bali and everything. Quite amusing. A complete 180 from the usual stiff stand-offishness of lift interaction in Singapore. LOL.

And, getting stuck in the lift proved that the iPhone is indeed powerful. It was mostly those with iPhones that had one measly, but extremely valuable, bar of reception! Woohoo!

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