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I was frantically trying to finish reading for RLMW today, left the house 10min late, got to school 2min late and hence brisk walked up the hill after cursorily locking my car.

Problem? I left my hazard lights on.

As such, the car couldn’t start when Jolin, Mr Mercedes and I arrived at the bottom of the hill where my car was parked. OMG!!

Poor Mr Mercedes gallantly walked all the way back up the hill again to get his car so we could go for lunch. And we held up traffic exiting the BTC as he jumpstarted my car for me. Goodness but I was so glad he was with me! If I’d been alone I don’t know what I’d have done!

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1. There was NO CARPARK today.
All the freaking way down the hill.
There was a record number of people parking on double yellow lines.
I risked it and parked in a red lot. If I’d gotten clamped I would have definitely given the clamper an earful about bad season parking management!

2. I HATE 9.30pm DAYS!!!

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oil de babe.

I got so irritated with my car’s dirt (thanks to construction across the road! urgh!)┬áthat I took it for a car wash today. =p
The black streaks under the handles didn’t come off though.

I was so annoyed with it that I tried using baby oil to tissue it off.
And guess what? IT WORKS.


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Someone left a note on my car today fining me for wearing an outfit that matched my P plate.
And I still dunno who left it there!!!

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