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real BOOMZ.

Yet another thing to tick off my list: Feeling the tremors from an earthquake rock the building.

IP Lect came to a dramatic end today when the tremors from a Sumatran earthquake (magnitude 7.6) shook Block B. I’m so surprised that we felt it so far inland! I mean, come on, NUS BTC is practically in Orchard Road!

At first I thought it was KK being idiotic and shaking my chair. HAHAHA. Jolin finds that immensely entertaining.

The Prof’s reaction was priceless. At first I think she thought we were shitting her to get out of extra time on the lesson – because the tremors started at slightly after 6.15, at which time the lesson was supposed to end! Grins. I quote, “Is this a ploy to get me to end now?!”

We evacuated the SR after TSH popped her head in to inquire as to why we were still continuing with our lesson. LOL. Although I think no one in Singapore would actually take tremors seriously unless they were in a really old building. I doubt a building has ever collapsed because of seismic fallout. The DJs in Caldecott Hill that I was tuning in to were exclaming happily about their microphones swaying, but they didn’t make an effort to evacuate either! Singaporeans!

I hope the people in Sumatra aren’t too badly hit though. Sigh. Sometimes it really does feel like the world is ending!


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time; & the rich and beautiful.

Browsing through a certain ex-teacher’s photographs made me wish, for a split second, that I could live the high life too – attending glamorous parties, getting VIP access to events, opening galas and whatnots, rubbing shoulders with the people who appear in the Tatler.

But when I take a step back, I realise that’s not really what I want. I may fantasise about it, but I don’t want to live it. I want a nice down-to-earth sort of lifestyle, with a pet dog, a decent place, a fulfilling job, and a loving family to come home to. Compared to this, social highlife events seem like such a waste of time – time spent drinking, making small talk, and conversing with people you don’t really care about deep down – time better spent in the company of those you truly love over a cup of hot cocoa.

Time is short; why waste it?


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i heart disney!

In all of life’s stressful situations, we turn to Youtube.
Prince Ali, Fabulous he, Ali Ababwa!
Genuflect, show some respect
Down on one knee!
Now, try your best to stay calm
Brush up your sunday salaam!
Then come and meet his spectacular coterieĀ !

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Mufti Muqallid Taqlid Shari’a Tariqat Qadi Siyasa Shar’iyya Kafir Zina Fiqh Hadith Sunna al-Qarafi Mukhtasar Mashhur Maddhab Tarjih Rajih Talaq Ulama Umma Takhrij Ijtihad Nass Qiyas Al-Asahh Takhyir Qawm Naql Al-Azhar Ijma Usul Al-Fiqh Mujtahid Fatwa Khalifa Al-Mansus Istifta Naskh Da’if Matn Isnad ISLAMIC LAW IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!

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you spin my head right round.

Three things.

1. I have just found out that I’m three months overdue to buy the AppleCare Protection Plan for my Macbook!!! WTF!!!! Why can’t I buy a Protection Plan if my Macbook is still in good working order even if I’ve exceeded the 1 year warranty?!

2. Chatterbox Chicken Rice has an affordable version in Downtown East! Went there for lunch with (the sick) Mr Mercedes today (who was milking the fact that he had a runny nose for all he was worth. you know u were! don’t deny it!). My mom thought I was shitting her when I said there’s an affordable version of Chatterbox in Downtown. I think she’s still dubious. LOL. Nice mother.
(If u’re reading this, Hi Mom! Grins.)

3. Islamic law is going nowhere. Zzz. All the Arabic terminology is making my head spin. I hope I don’t fail the exam :(


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stress relief.

Snapshot 2009-09-16 22-23-55

I know what you’re thinking, and I assure you we were model students during this lecture proper. This happened during the break!

Blue – KK
Red – Me


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I was frantically trying to finish reading for RLMW today, left the house 10min late, got to school 2min late and hence brisk walked up the hill after cursorily locking my car.

Problem? I left my hazard lights on.

As such, the car couldn’t start when Jolin, Mr Mercedes and I arrived at the bottom of the hill where my car was parked. OMG!!

Poor Mr Mercedes gallantly walked all the way back up the hill again to get his car so we could go for lunch. And we held up traffic exiting the BTC as he jumpstarted my car for me. Goodness but I was so glad he was with me! If I’d been alone I don’t know what I’d have done!

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this is wachang.


So ADORABLE right!!!!


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i can’t get enough of her.

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this made me laugh so hard today.


I had to balance my Prada bag on my shoes to prevent it from touching the ground whilst I fished unglamly for paper and a marker, but it was totally worth the laugh. WAHAHAHAHA.

P.S. Wachang is a very cute lop-eared pure white rabbit, and the person with bunnycidal tendencies is NOT me!

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