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My throat hurts. It hurts to breathe. Zzzzzz.

And I have Mediation and Biomed to submit by tomorrow and Monday respectively.

I knew I shouldn’t have gone running before my body fully recovered from the 2h-of-sleep day. SIGH!

I want to pull my tonsils out and leave them on a clothesline until they’ve decided to stop hurting. Zzzzzzzzz.


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things that warm my heart.

So cute please. Totally my ideal marriage!!


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i’m dead.

this is officially the worst paper I have ever submitted in law school.

but I’m too tired right now to angst.

good night world. see u again in 2h.

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I conclude that this FOS paper is infinitely more painful than the Islamic law one.


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I cannot decide if this FOS paper or the Islamic law paper was more painful to write.

Which says a lot, because the Islamic law paper was twice the length of this one, 100% and involved a ton of Arabic terms.

This one is 30% and in English! Rarrghhhh! I’m going to be bald by Wednesday!

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i feel like this right now.

After 4 days of research, I have just realised that I’ve been barking up the wrong tree. OHMYGAWDDDDDDDDDD.


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health & fitness, my ass.

Whilst browsing the “Health & Fitness” category in the iTunes App Store in an attempt to find a satisfactory distance meter that logged calories burned and average speed, I came across these:

What the hell?! They look like apps designed for lecherous uncles!!
But curiosity has always gotten the better of me, and so I clicked on one of these to find…

… that my suspicions were confirmed.

I can only think of one (male) body part that could ostensibly get healthier from looking at these. Although “healthier” is probably not the right word. Mwahahahah.

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my fascinating mother.

When watching Beyonce’s “I Am… Yours” promo ad, which included a clip of Beyonce and her backup dancers shaking their booty in Single Ladies,  she remarked, “Wah. I never thought I’d live to see the day when people wear swimsuits to dance on stage.

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这是 WIN!

So very French somehow. HAHAHH. I like!

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oh man…

Kim Ah Joong, before and after.

This makes me want to get plastic surgery EVEN MORE.

What a difference a knife makes.

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