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fridays are love.

A healthy dose of Inspector Jacques Clouseau, Andy Garcia, Caitlin Yap, Outback Steakhouse and Raffles Creamery makes the medicine (read: stress) go down!


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I just wanna be alone tonight
I just wanna take a little breather
‘Cause lately all we do is fight
And everytime it cuts me deeper

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strawberry & chocolate.

I thought I’d come full circle, when I’d only walked half the mile.
I think I’ve finally made it though, because it – this – feels like home.


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dear sara

A belated tribute to the cutest couple I know. :)


Congratulations on your engagement! :D

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seminar mishaps.

Mishap 1:
I panicked because I thought I couldn’t finish reading for today’s seminar. And then I realised at 5 fricking am that that part was for the following seminar.

Mishap 2:
I did the wrong tutorial!!!!! BLARDEE HELL!

Mishap 3:
Of all days to kenna on-spot, it HAD to be the only day I didn’t prepare my tutorial. Thank God for muggers and three years of xianning experience! 

The Extra Mishap:
My scalp was flaking today. WTF la. Paul Mitchell, I take back my love for you. :p

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hair, boys and fakeup.

1. Hair
I love Paul Mitchell’s extra body shampoo. Half the price of JF Lazartigue, and does the job equally well (if not better!)

2. Boys
Thank goodness for cute Japanese and Korean boys. Life in Singapore would be tragically boring otherwise. :p

3. Fakeup
STAY AWAY from BRTC’s Gold Caviar BB Cream. Gave me two frigging pimples (which I have since exfoliated away with a mask). Urghhhhh.


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I love Ms Caitlin Yap.

That was the means of best post-intensive destressing. Ever. 

What would law school be without you? ;D

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