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ho hum.

I have realised that bringing a book by “His Holiness the Dalai Lama” to Sichuan, China might not be a good idea.

Since, you know, it’s right next to Tibet, and the Chinese ISD might think I’m a garang human rights activist bent on freeing it singlehandedly.



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what i have done since japan?

1. Gone to Batam, ate A&W, showered in cold water and slept on floor
2. Bought some books from Kino
3. Started reading said books
4. Printed Hind Swaraj, will start reading on plane to China
5. Met up with Ryn after like half a year
6. Agonised over something
7. Dental, pink braces!
8. Drinks with The Firm
9. Meeting with The Firm
10. Submitted PLC applications, met half of law school at Sub Cts
11. Reminisced in school with Caits and Yux, security guard prolly thought we were layabout hooligans come to deface NUS property in the dead of night
12. Watched SATC 2 with Caits, ate hotdog, enjoyed hotdog immensely.

Uh. Not much hor.

And I’m off to China in about 30h or so. Why does every holiday pass by in a flash? :(

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congratulations ms ryn!

I’m going to miss you! But you deserve it and I’m so happy for you!! :)

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After one day of staying at home, I am already depressed.

Maybe I should head to Funan tomorrow to check out my lens.

Humpf. Can’t wait to get my backside in a foreign land.


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why do little girls?

Why did the little girls grow crooked
While the little boys grew tall
The boys were taught to tumble
And the girls told not to fall
The girls answered the telephones
The boys answered the calls
That’s why little girls grew crooked
While the little boys grew tall

Why did the little girls grow crippled
While the little boys grew strong
The boys allowed to come of age
The girls just come along
The girls were told sing harmonies
While the boys could all sing songs
That’s why the little girls grew crippled
While the little boys grew strong

Why did the little girls come broken
While the little boys came whole
And the little boys all were set aflame
And the girls told fan the coals
The boys were told to be themselves
The girls were told play roles
That’s why little girls came broken
While the little boys came whole

Why were the little girls made frightened
To be just what they are
The boys were told to ask themselves
How high, how far
The girls were told to reach the shelves
While the boys were reaching stars
That’s why little girls were frightened
To be just what they are

And still they bled for us all
As the moon rode the sky
They carried our seed
When our need ran high
And they fed all our children
In the night as they cried
Womankind wept
As mankind died

Why were the little girls left hurtin’
When all the boys were done
And then left there in the moonlight
When the boys went to meet the sun
And when the girls were open
Why had the little boys all won?
That’s why little girls were hurtin’
When all the boys were done

Why did the little girls grow crooked
While the little boys grew tall
It’s maybe ’cause the little boys
Didn’t ever have to grow up at all

– Harry Chapin


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Of a different kind. Grocery shopping! I really like doing that. Particularly in BIG grocery stores like the industrial-sized Giant located in Pasir Ris. Grins. Went there with Dad today. I like grocery shopping with Dad. He always seems more relaxed in a grocery store. I dunno why. Hahaha.

Although, I was reminded of why I sometimes find it rather frustrating to talk to him over dinner in Ikea.

The conversation went thus:

Him: I don’t believe in being put in an old folks’ home. It’s like a prison.
Me: But why? Isn’t it better to have other old folks to talk to? You know I’m not going to be at home all that much on weekdays.
Him: You can’t leave. And the nurses in old folks’ homes beat the old people.
Me: (recalling the very kindly nurses I met in a home once) Huh?
Him: Ya you dunno meh? When [the elderly] don’t understand what [the nurses] are saying, [the nurses] will beat [the elderly].
Me: Where did you get that from?!
Him: Obviously what.
Me: Obvious from what? Where did you get this info from?
Him: Friends tell me.
Me: How your friends know?
Him:  The nurses tell them they beat [the elderly].
Me: The nurses tell your friend these things? Why?! Is your friend a nurse?
Him: Well. Not my friend la. Friends’ friends.
Me: Uhh so now it’s friends’ friends? How far does this chain extend?
Him: Aiyah we just know la.

To which, I roll my eyes heavenward in exasperation. Hearsay win.

But oh well he’s still my Dad. And we did have a nice chat whilst grocery-ing. :)


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black thoughts.

It’s like watching an explosion.

You know it will hurt you, even blind you, but the stark horror of it keeps you staring.

And staring.

And staring.

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