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back to work.

I will be the office 11h from now. I’m actually quite excited. This case promises to be exciting!!!

And I want to see the parties involved. Somehow it feels like you’re meeting movie stars or something. Like you’ve worked super damn long on a case and thought about it damn hard and know so much about these people’s lives, but you have no idea what they look like, and then FINALLY you meet them!!! Exciting!!!

Haha okay I’m weird. Shut up.

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I feel very lacking in thoughts recently.

After the grueling wake at 9 – work – lunch – work – exercise – dinner – work – sleep – repeat routine of the past three weeks, and a similar routine starting at 6.50am in the morning for the three weeks before that, I’m a bit at a loss as to what to do with myself now that there’s nothing on my plate.

I’m not complaining about free time. I’m just… bowled over by the newness of this whole I’M FREE thing. I somehow feel guilty after having written absolutely nothing at the end of the day. Goodness me. I almost wish I was working again. Almost, but not quite. ;p

I’ve been indulging in Enid Blyton. Woohoo. It’s nice to sit back and be able to read things that do not have to do with law, and do not require undivided concentration to understand. I should stop slacking off with my childhood loves, however, and get cracking on planning the family holiday, finishing up the garden and designing/buying the furniture for the living room. Before Nina gets here, so I can actually invite her to sit on a sofa. HAHAHAHA. If not she can sit on Pootpoot. :D


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diametric opposition.

My two favourite songs in my jogging playlist presently:

Nickelback’s “If today was your last day”

and Pink’s “Bad Influence”.

There’s a line in this one that goes I’m the instigator of underwear, showing up here and there, uh oh, oh no!

The meaningful and the trashy. yumyum! :D

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Four effing chapters to finish by Friday.

I want to STRANGLE SOMETHING. or SOMEONE. ARRRGHHHHHHHH. The chapter refuses to shake down into neat portions. I need one of them Quick Quotes Quills of Rita Skeeter’s that will write the chapters FOR me.

Or rather, I think I’m just horrendously burnt out from not taking a break after exams and internship. Why do I ALWAYS do this to myself without fail?

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atas much?!

I chased my stupid dog all over the house yesterday trying to get him to take his medicine. He turned up his nose at President’s Emmental Cheese!! WHALAO! (Usually we wrap the medicine up in cheese. Think ravioli or wonton. He refuses to eat Cheddar anymore, which is why we go with Emmental.)

I went to cut slices of Camembert to press the medicine into. Even then I had to wave it around his nose going, “You know you waaaaant it!!” before he finally ate it! This dog arh!!! I quote Mr Mercedes, “Qi you ci li!”


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i luv grace.

I quote:

“One bird can kill many stones!” 


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cheep trill, #2.

An update on choot-ing at dogs:

I didn’t see the husky yesterday, but I choot-ed at two golden retrievers!
One raised an eyebrow at me and the other didn’t take any notice at all.

Wanna bet the one who raised the eyebrow was a bitch. GRINS.

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The new iPhone has a video camera!! WHAT PANGSAI.
I wonder if I can get an upgrade! Grrrrr! I’m technically bound to this phone for another 6 months though!


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cheep trill.

I choot-ed cheekily at a beagle up the street today whilst jogging.

It gave me the most surprised and horrified look I’ve ever seen on a dog’s face. Muarharhar! I’m going to try that on the husky tomorrow!

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my sentiments exactly.

I quote George Steiner:

“After fifty pages of ‘hardening nipples’, ‘softly opening thighs’, and ‘hot rivers’ flowing in and out of the ecstatic anatomy, the spirit cries out, not in hypocritical outrage, not because I am a poor Square throttling my libido, but in pure, nauseous boredom. Even fornication cannot be as dull, as hopelessly predictable, as all that.”

I was snickering to myself in the library as I read this. 
Sorry larhhh people don’t have much entertainment when they’re doing research kayyy?!

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