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counting chickens.

I have barely started on Company, and already I’m dreaming of the fun stuff after the exams.

There’s a chengyu for this. Ben Mo Dao Zhi. HEH.

Someone passed his driving test and was really happy about it.
Woke me up to tell me. LOLZ.

I need to mug!!!!

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This Is Hot.


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prop is fahked!!!!

I’m starting on mortgages NOW.

Yes. At 3am 2 days before the exam.

And there’s still LTA and Caveats and RCs and the front chapters to go!
Damn procrastination.

Fucked yes? :'(

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I’m irritated with leases.
I’m wondering where Pigs is. Pigs! If u’re reading this call me!
I want to talk to Frog.
I feel like eating fast food.

I’m trying to find a way to actually finish studying prop before the exam plants itself on my doorstep.

Step one must surely be to turn off the com and get my ass back to work. =(

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According to the calorie values in, 4 pieces of harmless looking salmon sashimi maki has more calories than a Krispy Kreme donut.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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the louboutin manicure.

I love it!!!!

Random Trivia:
Zoe Pocock of Charles Worthington salon in London developed this Christian Louboutin-inspired manicure. The top of the nails are polished with any color and then a bright red creme is swiped on the underside. 


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broadening my horizons.

Online shopping does exactly that.
Have you guys ever heard of Invisible Stocking cream?

Sounds like some asshole magic trick that you played on your friends in p sch right.

Well it’s not.
People actually buy it to make their legs look (I quote) flawless.

what the fahk?!
If you want nice legs go invest in a good moisturizer lah!!!


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I’ve been ogling hot Korean girls recently.

Yes it’s because I have absolutely nothing better to look at.
The entertainment industry has a deficit of hot males.


Hyolee, Kwon Yuri, Kim HyoYeon and Chae Yeon are SO hot!


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penny for your thoughts?

“Hitherto a man’s untold thoughts have been regarded to be of a merely nominal value, and the offers generally made for them certainly do not represent large sums of money. “

– Lord James of Hereford

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the little things in life.

The exam was bad, but I had a nice lunch cum coffee with L that made things happy again.

Thank you. =)


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