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real BOOMZ.

Yet another thing to tick off my list: Feeling the tremors from an earthquake rock the building.

IP Lect came to a dramatic end today when the tremors from a Sumatran earthquake (magnitude 7.6) shook Block B. I’m so surprised that we felt it so far inland! I mean, come on, NUS BTC is practically in Orchard Road!

At first I thought it was KK being idiotic and shaking my chair. HAHAHA. Jolin finds that immensely entertaining.

The Prof’s reaction was priceless. At first I think she thought we were shitting her to get out of extra time on the lesson – because the tremors started at slightly after 6.15, at which time the lesson was supposed to end! Grins. I quote, “Is this a ploy to get me to end now?!”

We evacuated the SR after TSH popped her head in to inquire as to why we were still continuing with our lesson. LOL. Although I think no one in Singapore would actually take tremors seriously unless they were in a really old building. I doubt a building has ever collapsed because of seismic fallout. The DJs in Caldecott Hill that I was tuning in to were exclaming happily about their microphones swaying, but they didn’t make an effort to evacuate either! Singaporeans!

I hope the people in Sumatra aren’t too badly hit though. Sigh. Sometimes it really does feel like the world is ending!


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yet another change of heart.

She is damn AWESOME.

Now I want to learn the organ. OMG!!!! Song composition would be so much simpler rather than struggling with layering on my keyboard!!!


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jaw. hits. floor.

Check this out.

From fugly to fckworthy in a few easy steps!!! Shock.

Maybe I should go try those double eyelid stickers and false eyelashes and whatnot too. O.O


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ballet boots?!

Post edited for obvious reasons. SHAT.
Anyway just enjoy the cute pink one below. LOL. 


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oh, my, what a surprise.

Update from The Necessary Stage:

“URGENT Saturday 26th – We’ve just gotten news about our license application for THE COMPLAINTS CHOIR PROJECT (performances at various public spaces today). While we were given a license, this is a conditional one – no foreigners (i.e. a handful of the participants, the artists themselves and our conductor) are allowed to perform with the Choir. This is across the board and not only applicable for Speaker’s Corner (which has a regulation that states that non-Singaporeans aren’t allowed to perform there).”

So looks like the Gahmen really dowan foreigners to even bloody SING complaints about Singapore in Singapore then.

Ya, wait the Singaporeans hear such seditious songs they will be influenced and take to the streets. We must protect our citizens from such foreign influence and their evil songs.


Heard this news about the Singapore Complaints Choir (seen here in a Channel NewsAsia report). Dunno if it is true or not:

Just heard from a friend that the police showed up at the last rehearsal of the Singapore Complaints Choir, part of the Fringe Festival. They’ve banned foreigners from singing in the choir — this includes the director, who had flown from Finland! The police have also canceled the Speakers Corner performance of the complaints choir, and it looks like without the director (and the conductor, who is Malaysian), the entire show has in effect been shut down.

If true, maybe the foreign singers of this choir were deemed to be “meddling in domestic politics with a foreign agenda”.

Eh, you think you are singing it means you can come here and meddle-meddle our politics ah? Cannot unnerstand? Gahmen dun care you say it, write it, or sing it one.

Source: Mr Brown

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According to the calorie values in, 4 pieces of harmless looking salmon sashimi maki has more calories than a Krispy Kreme donut.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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broadening my horizons.

Online shopping does exactly that.
Have you guys ever heard of Invisible Stocking cream?

Sounds like some asshole magic trick that you played on your friends in p sch right.

Well it’s not.
People actually buy it to make their legs look (I quote) flawless.

what the fahk?!
If you want nice legs go invest in a good moisturizer lah!!!


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