According to the calorie values in, 4 pieces of harmless looking salmon sashimi maki has more calories than a Krispy Kreme donut.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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4 responses to “insidious!

  1. the8pe

    well four pieces is a lot. lol

  2. what if you cook the sashimi?I hate sashimi, it is raw. yikes but i will throw them into the paper pot steamboat so that they will cook. Wah!! I can have like 20 pieces each time la.

  3. rachel

    nina: 4 pieces is nt a lot. o.o e maki leh. the small little thing they roll up in seaweed. it’s nt e conical handroll. i eat like 16 of those things to make me full la!!! faints.

    fangyi: actually i think it’s e sushi rice that makes it so terrible. nt e salmon. grins. so u’re safe!

  4. the8pe

    isn’t maki the cone shaped thing?

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