broadening my horizons.

Online shopping does exactly that.
Have you guys ever heard of Invisible Stocking cream?

Sounds like some asshole magic trick that you played on your friends in p sch right.

Well it’s not.
People actually buy it to make their legs look (I quote) flawless.

what the fahk?!
If you want nice legs go invest in a good moisturizer lah!!!


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7 responses to “broadening my horizons.

  1. zz

    wait.. if its an invisible stocking cream, then why is it i could see the cream in the container when i click on the link? The cream is obviously defective.

  2. frezb

    heyyy u go to _spreee too? me too lah!!! i already spent too much money buying stuff >.< all the best for exams!

  3. lifangyi

    you are cheating yourself and using the excuse of broadening the horizons to shop. tsk tsk.

    Muacks. I got a new blog=)

  4. rachel

    joel: u are LAME la faints!

    nx: all e best to u too!! =D

    fy: cheating myself is a gd thing. rightrightright? ;)


    cussie, (omg the font’s big), I NEED THE CREAM! got one f*cking ugly scar, it’s good for pageant girls. hahahahahas, really dead serious. our legs need to be flawless, moisturiser just won’t hide scars.

  6. rachel

    you’re buying the cream?!


    no i’m not. i didn’t even click on the link, it sounds good, for pageants. flawless babe.

    ohhh, go check it out.
    click on the celebration snaps icon. see me me me me.

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