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X asked her how she felt, and she replied, “I do not.”

X’s brow creased in consternation, but he nevertheless kissed her forehead, as was his custom, and left, muttering meaningless platitudes about love.

She prayed he would not return.

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little moments.

My muscles are aching after yesterday’s exhaustingly dizzifying (literally. FY and I were seeing stars in the last 5min) tennis session.

Still, it feels good to get a workout. What I need now is a nice shoulder massage. Owwww.

A random spawn of some unidentified neighbour dropped by to say hi to Topsy yesterday. In my mind, my first reaction was “Helllll what is this annoying miniature human doing asking for Topsy when I wanted to sit in the nice evening breeze and fa dai? Now I have to go forcibly pull the dog out of my Dad’s cabin!”

But pull my dog out I did. The seemingly unappreciative kid was not content with patting him through the gate (yes sorry I am quite unfriendly towards children), and asked plaintively “Can I come in?”

So with a huge sigh of exasperation I got the keys out and let him in. At which point I didn’t really know what to do. I am one of those people whose first impulse upon meeting children is to stick out my hand and go, “Hi. I’m Rachel. You are?”

I am, however, not stupid enough to follow through with this impulse. (Ha.) I was therefore very glad when the kid started babbling about his dog, and his life in general. He was quite an intelligent and engaging 10-year-old actually. I didn’t have to switch wavelengths to talk to him. Quite a refreshing experience really!

If only children were born as 10-year-olds, without all that screaming and crying and googoogaga. Oh well. U can’t have your cake and eat it!


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He smiled and smiled, but never once did he laugh whilst she was alive. Now all he felt was pity. There was no love, no sorrow, no hate, no remorse. There he stood, watching attentively, as the remains of her soul fluttered away in the breeze.

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we were heroes.

First we were observers.
Then we were participants.
Heroes we tried to be,
The battle valiantly fought.

Defeat was the outcome,
As slaves we did fall.
We’re no longer the participants,
Mere observers once more.

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strawberry & chocolate.

I thought I’d come full circle, when I’d only walked half the mile.
I think I’ve finally made it though, because it – this – feels like home.


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The dead end confirmed it. She’d taken a wrong turn, somewhere along the way. But how could it be? She had been so certain, so sure that she’d been guided by someone, or something. Every step had felt so right, why was it that there was nothing but a featureless grey wall before her eyes? She slowly turned around and looked back at the twisting labyrinth, her heart dreading the journey ahead. The truth was too painful to bear. She realised now that her incorporeal guide had been nothing more than a selfish, childish inner voice instructing her to run away, blindly, as far away as she could possibly go. Now she was paying the price. She couldn’t even remember from whence she came.

She shut her eyes and trudged forward. 

Was there even a way out anymore?

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