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sorely missed.

Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, 5 Jan 1926 – 30 Sep 2008

For once a time, long ago, he marched down the Singapore of old, and as he strode, the day did break, and all of Singapore awake.

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this reminds me of chandeliers.

AGHHHHH Why are there no Parliamentary Debates on the recent relaxation of the Speakers’ Corner requirements! I want to sleep. My eyes are shutting.

KIll me, somebody, please.

On another note, it annoys me that one Forbes’ Top 40 richest list, there are only THREE Singaporean ladies and TWO of them INHERITED the bloody assets.

We need more girl power.

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and dread the day when dreaming ends.

たとえ遠くても、きっとたどりつける。。。 強く信じてた。

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she floats.

She would always remember the featherlight rain, the dancing lights, and the smell of winter chill in the air. It was to be the last of their nights. He absently took her by the hand, his eyes studying a map intently. They were lost, but it didn’t matter. She would walk blindly into the darkness of eternity if only he held her hand. 

She stared out the window blankly, her face eloquent with dark despair. Her heart sobbed its regret. Hope promised nothing, and yet had been her all; the blinding pain of truth lanced through her being, penetrating to her very core. There was nothing left, nothing that could offer her solace.

She lay silently on the wet sand, listening to the languid lamentations of the waves as she drank in the chill of the rain.

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practical privacy 101: LL6169A

I found out today that if you do not want to be found online, you will NOT be found.

Or maybe I just need better stalking skills.

BUT! I was successful. Or at least I think I was. 

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do re mi.

I found the ENTIRE Moulin Rouge piano score – the original one to boot – and promptly got sidetracked.
Spent the WHOLE FREAKING DAY playing all my favourite songs.

Okay perhaps ‘playing’ is the wrong word; mangling probably better describes it. 

I squinted at El Tango De Roxanne for about an hour and a half and finally gave up when I hit the penultimate page. There were 8 pages or something, full of strange chords. 
My wrists were aching I tell you.
But I WILL master it. Someday. Hopefully within the next two years? LOL. Sorry lah ppl’s sight reading sucks cannot ah!
Actually I’m not even sure why I’m having so much trouble with that score. Come What May looks significantly more difficult but it was okay. HUM.

I feel like playing piano again.
Must. Concentrate!


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dearest voice,

I miss you very much. You’ve been away for five days, what say you to coming back home?
I miss all the things we do together, like talk. Talking with you is the best. Not that I’ve had any others, but you get the idea. I’ve always been faithful to you, unlike that infidel of a falsetto. I can’t function properly without you. I can’t compose songs without you! I need you. Please come back. :(


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The silver silence of mourning, tarnished by tainted hands.
What moves man but the most base of emotions?
Pride will in time fall, but fell not in time.
Nor heaven nor hell slept that night
Whilst the soul shrieked refuge for plight.

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the cow jumped over the moon.

Today’s Law IV struck a bit too close to home for comfort.
I found myself sniffing cynically at the justifications for why Girl should marry Boy.
Those reasons, taken together, do NOT equate to marriageable chemistry DUDE.

A few months ago I’d just have gone all soppy eyed “awww” over that sorta line, but I suppose I’m a lot more jaded now. 
I actually think it’s a good thing. Blind belief in fairytales never really did anyone good. Though I still like stupid lovecoms like American Pie. 

Anyway Law IV was good! Props to the Law Fours!

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le mystère.

I have FINALLY found the source of the random blockings on my MSN!!!!!

And it’s none other than dear old dad. =.=


Sorry to everyone whom I’ve not responded to. The problem seems to be fixed – for now.

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